9 Ways To Support The Business Of Freelance Web Design


It is not an easy task to decide to start a freelance website design services or production company. To begin working for yourself takes a certain degree of diligence, tenacity, and determination. You will face some very tough decisions on this journey that could have an impact on your company's success and growth.

The idea of self-reliance is also appealing for those who want to make extra money even though they already have work. Also, many students and college graduates are now entering the freelancing industry with the expectation that they can work during their free time and earn some money.

In this post, we will discuss a quick, clear, step-by-step plan to start a unique website design services business.  We will also explore various tips on landing customers and making some real money in your role as a freelance web designer.

Step 1: There are no shortcuts in the freelance website design services business

First of all, you need to understand that freelancing requires a lot of time and hard work before earning money. It will take you a few months, maybe, to learn the ways to freelance and get money. Have yourself and your freelancing thoughts ready during this period. If you're trying to be a freelancer to make fast money alone, you're not going to last long. You must be patient and enthusiastic about what you do, and endure the long journey.

Step 2: Choose between web designing and web development?

The terms web designer and web developers are interrelated.Note that Web Designers are the individuals responsible for the look and feel of the front end or a website or web application. A web designer handles the components of the website, codes the style sheets, and makes the website appear in the right order. In comparison, the web developer is the person who works very hard to write the back-end of a website, for example, by creating algorithms such as control systems and user interactions.

Web design is an individual artistic medium. You need to study customer interface design and to be a good web designer in creative thinking. Whereas the web developer has to build accurate algorithms and render systems based on user workflows, so need to be analytical.

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Step 3: Start from the scratch

Visit all the "learn to code" websites and go through a lot of HTML/CSS courses, so that you feel pretty confident about your coding skills. But how will you know about User Experience Design and Web Usability?

Thanks to all the free online tools, anybody can quickly become a coder. However, to become a freelancer you need to learn other parts as well. Unlike web development, the design of a site requires much imagination and a thorough understanding of the working of the web.

To be a web designer, web accessibility and user interface are two of the fields you need to learn. These two competencies allow you to create more engaging websites and help you understand the psychology that lies behind website design services.

Step 4: Get knowledge about Domains, Servers, and Web Hosting

Most of your customers expect that you will obtain a domain, a hosting plan, and fully set up their site when you undertake a project to develop a website for a company. Learn how to buy and customize a domain name. Also, get an idea about how web hosting and FTP clients are maintained. Practice server management and server maintenance as well. This lets you provide extensive web design services.

Step  5: Learn a Bit of Graphic Design

Graphics and illustrations like logos and animated characters are important for the websites. Customers are even going to ask you to look after this. You may join forces with another freelancer to design some. However, if you can learn to do these things yourself, you can make more money. Find a tutorial for Photoshop and learn the art of graphic designing.

Step 6: Create your portfolio

The first thing that a customer asks you to create your website is to see a few samples of previous work.

You need to illustrate your creations for getting your business. Get to the work and build some amazing sites if you do not have something to offer your customers. Do any job for free if you have to.

Create a good theme and release it for free online. Or reach out to companies and provide them a free website. You can showcase your work on the website or through a platform like Behance.

Step  7: Set the right pricing for your website design services

Different projects in web design will need various quantities of work and time. So, it can be a little difficult to find out the best price for your web design ventures.  Big companies for website design services have teams of designers. And they've got costly project pricing systems. You should take advantage of this because you're working alone.

For your idea, try to come up with a fair price. A price that is going to make your customers say yes, but not become suspicious.

Step 8: Explore different freelancing Sites

If you can, do not become over-dependent on freelancing sites. These platforms are too competitive, and it would be incredibly hard to win a customer. But if you have no other options, select a freelance place with less competition.

Step 9: Go offline

Once you start approaching customers offline, you'll have better luck finding customers. In reality, going door-to-door and cold calling works better than finding online. You can find many customers by directly approaching them.

Final words

You'll start getting references from your old customers and loads of new projects once you're off the ground. Now is the time to promote yourself as a brand, so that people can appreciate you and the quality of your work.

If you get more customers than you can manage, also think about expanding your freelance business. Employ a few interns to support you with stuff. It will take you a while to go through all these 9 steps, but if you are consistent enough, you will get there. 

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Spark Design. He would love to share thoughts on the best freelance brochure designer, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design, etc.

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