Spotting Quality When Shopping for Men’s Business Shirts


When buying business shirts, quality is not just about the fabric but also about its overall look and style. Most men find themselves in the dark when buying formal clothes, and the burden always falls to an accompanying loved one or even the salesperson.

So, for men who dread going to a boutique because they become lightheaded with the choices, here are some critical elements to consider. Remember that men’s business shirts are supposed to bring out that inner confidence and not become the source of insecurities when attending social events. 

It should make the wearer feel proud and not cave into self-consciousness because of an unfit or overly tight dress. And just like your everyday wear, a business shirt should reflect your personality and style.

Quality Suits Always Have the Right Fit 

Design and cut are not just the basic factors to consider when buying a business shirt. More often, finding the right fit means having one that defines your overall look. Additionally, it should feel good against your body when you are wearing it. 

It's understandable for any man to find it hard when looking for the right business shirt, as one would often think that it just goes hidden in a suit. But consider that it affects your confidence in the process.

Taking into account the right neck size, sleeve length, and comfort fit are all critical elements that make men’s business shirts appropriately fit. It is never good to have a baggy undershirt, making your formal suit look bloated and reeling with cloth from everywhere.  

Often, the perfect dress shirt extends its qualities to the right fit. Meaning, it should conform to your body shape, and the fabric construction should perfectly complement your body. Off-the-rack shirts are made of the same sizes, so you fall into one category or the other.

Pay Attention to the Fabric

Not known to many, but one important consideration that defines your look is the shirt fabric. This is often tricky to understand since most men find fabric to be the same. But just like any other piece of clothing, dress shirts have different compositions.

Look into qualities like garment durability, stain resistance, breathability, and its overall feel when worn. Good business shirts should always have pure construction and are either composed of a single or 2-ply cotton. Fashion experts always advise never to go for anything in between as they do not provide the same level of comfort and feel. 

When choosing men’s business shirts, it is also essential to go with brands proven to provide co-extending levels of comfort, style, and feel. The design should not compromise comfort and so with the other factors.

This is essential, especially if you find yourself constantly meeting people for business or personal reasons. You do not want to dilute your confidence because you are not comfortable with the business shirt you are wearing.

Piecing All the Other Extras Together

Spotting quality in men’s formal shirts become perplexing because of the other factors that can make someone overly critical about his appearance. Some of the other elements that complicate your choices include the cuff and collars, plackets, shoulder yoke, stitching, and the button setting. If you do not want to be choleric about all these elements, it is best to trust proven brands in men’s formal fashion.