Snoring: What Should You Do?

Have you laid awake at night bothered by the snoring you hear? Worst, is your snoring causing you insecurity?

It may sound funny, but snoring can be a symptom of something severe. Unfortunately, many are afflicted with this seemingly benign condition, but it poses other underlying severe symptoms unknown to many. Read to consider your options. 

The immediate solution is a snoring mouth guard you can wear to lessen snoring. While you sleep, you wear a little plastic gadget in your mouth so your jaw or tongue movements will keep your airways open. 

Explore other ways to address this sleeping challenge. This brief article includes simple, implementable solutions as well.

What Causes Snoring?

  • Nasal airway obstructions: Snoring is a common symptom of allergies and sinus infections. Nasal blockages such as polyps or a deviated septum (the wall separating one nostril from the other is not in the centre) can also cause difficulty breathing.
  • Your throat and tongue muscles are weak: When specific muscles in your throat and tongue are overly relaxed, causing it to obstruct your airway.
  • Swelling in the pharynx: This can be exacerbated by being overweight. Snoring can be a problem for children with big tonsils and adenoids.
  • The uvula or soft palate is long: When your soft palate or uvula (the tissue at the rear of your mouth that hangs down) is very lengthy, it might narrow the space between your nose and your neck. They bounce and rub against one other when you inhale, causing your airway to close.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs: Too much relaxation of the tongue and throat muscles can be caused by alcohol consumption or muscle relaxants.
  • Snoring might be worse if you sleep on your back: Using an excessively soft or too big pillow might also have this effect. Some suggest sleeping on your side is better for people who snores.
  • Lack of sleep: This causes mouth muscles to relax too much.

Home Remedies 

You can opt to seek medical advice to determine if your condition warrants medical intervention like surgery. For example, there might be home remedies or allergy prescriptions if the main problem is nasal congestion due to allergies. Home cures like humidifiers and steam will keep your air passage moist and help soothe the mouth membrane. Other suggestions include:

  • Take plenty of liquids. Your mucus will be less dense, which may assist clear your sinuses.
  • Use a saline spray for the nose. Salted water helps to prevent dryness of the nasal passages.
  • Put your feet up. Pillows are an excellent place to rest your head at night. Breathing may be easier if you raise your head.

Lifestyle Modification

It might be a hard pill to swallow, but how you live your life impacts your sleep. Alcohol consumption, recreational drugs, smoking, and weight are contributing factors. These must be analysed if you are serious about eradicating the problem.

Oral Assistance

You may have committed to making the necessary adjustments, but the solution takes time, and in the meanwhile, you may continue to bother your partner with your loud snoring. While you work on the other alternatives, use a snoring mouth guard. It will provide your partner restful sleep while it arms you with confidence your breathing is not a nuisance to anyone.

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