Setup Google Adwords Campaign - Useful for Beginners and Experienced

First of all, I want to thank all of my users who have given a very positive response to my previous post about What is SEO. From behalf of Developer Gang team, I thank all of you for this.

After this post, I received many emails on my team email id - about Google Adwords.
Questions like:

1. How to start Google Adwords Campaign?

2. Google Adwords Guide and Tutorials?

3. How to set up Google Adwords Account?

4. Google Ads Campaign types?

5. How many types of Google Ads?

etc etc,

In this post, I am going to talk about Google Adwords Campaign. Step by Step in Simple Wordings so that everyone can understand easily and create their account on Google Ads.

I am pretty sure by reading this blog you will be able to set up your campaign and understand the meaning of the sections that come while creating a campaign.

Also if you have any questions about SEO, Google Ads then you can comment any time on below post. I will give you a proper solution based on my experiences.

Let's start building a Campaign.

To start your first Campaign you only need to have a Gmail account.
If you type Google AdWords on Google search engine you will see the below url
Click on the Signup button and login with your Gmail account.

You will be redirected to the below URL.
If not then you can just copy and paste into your browser to go directly to that page.

google adwords tutorial

You will see the page like the above screenshot.
Click on the Campaign menu as directed in the screenshot.

google adwords ppc

Now click on the plus icon or the new campaign button to create a new campaign in Google Ads.
This will ask you to choose Campaign type.fhow to
It means what is the Goal or purpose of the Google Adwords Campaign which we are going to run.

It consists of the following types:
1. Sales: that is for drive Sales on the website or on the App.
2. Leads: That is for encouraging customers to take action.
3. Website traffic: the purpose of it to get the right User or Customer to your website.
4. Product or Brand Consideration: Encouraging your Product or brand to explore the thing s that you are selling.
5. Brand Awareness and Reach: Reach to the broad Audience and to aware of your product.
6. App Promotion: To get more installs and interaction to your App.

Read All Goals in Detailed ==>

setting up google adwords

In short, I can say all the campaigns work like in the same way because the purpose of every campaign is to drive traffic and with the traffic we are going to have more users and if the users and customers lands on the website on App then he/she must purchase our product or take our service.

I am going to choose Website Traffic for an Instance.
If you click on the Website traffic option then it will ask you to your Ad type. Means which type of ad you want to create.
Here are the main Questions arise for everyone mind. Because everybody wants to know --


So, to choose the right type of ad lets understand its different types.

These types are:
1. Search Ads: The purpose of the search ads is to show more n more text as the guidelines and to show on the Google search results or search partners sites.

Search Ads

2. Display Ads: The purpose is the same as text ads but this is come up with the text and an image.

Display Ads

Google displays these ads as per their algorithm.
When you click on the Display Ads it will ask you to Choose between Standard display campaign and Gmail Campaign.

Standard Display Campaign: The purpose of the display networks is that it shows the ads to your customers on other websites that are called Google partners.
Gmail Campaign: As the name suggests it will be shown in the Gmail account mostly in Promotion and Social tabs. When you click on the ads it may have image, text or Video.

3. Shopping Ads: This is mostly used when we have products to a sale or we can say for an e-commerce website.
If I type ""shoes"" in Google, it will show me the ad like below:

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads-2

To start with shopping ads you need to Link Merchant Center Account with your product data. If you don’t want to set up then you can also run text ad for your products.
To know more about Merchant Account and to sign up visit the Google Support Center.
Here you can Sign up here and upload your Store information as directed by the website.

If you do not have Google Merchant Account and you do not want to set up then your text ads will be a perfect replacement for your product. It will display like below screenshot:

Google Text Ads

4. Video Ads: This ad will run with a video as the name suggests and a Call to action button to click on after completion of the Ad.
This is mostly run on YouTube and others across the web.

YouTube Video Ads

I am going to click on the Display Ads with Standard Display Campaign. This Ad is mostly used for all the campaigns and it will cover our topic.
And below Add your website URL and click save.
This will redirect you to the page below to add Campaign name, Locations, Languages and bidding strategy.

google adwords campaign

You can fill the above options: Campaign name, locations, and languages as per your needs.
I will suggest you choose every single thing appropriate so that it will make sense.
Now, you can see the Bidding Strategy to focus on:

google adwords guide

Check screenshot, it is showing the two options for our bidding strategy.
The options are shown based on Campaign Selected.
In my current selected campaign, it is showing by default two options.
“What do you want to focus on?”
So first is High-Quality Traffic which leads up to traffic.

High-Quality Traffic

And the second one is Viewable impressions: When someone sees 50% of your ad or more for one second.

Viewable impressions

And the next column pay for “Clicks” is automatically selected.
And below “How do you want to get high-quality traffic?” section

For more details about Google Adwords Bidding Strategy – Deep Understanding refer link

In this section, we have already selected the option that is manually set bids.
It means you will select the bid that you want to pay per click (PPC). This is called the PPC of any campaign.
And the “pay for?” Question?
==> Clicks that are automatically selected.
After this, we move to the next section that is Budget:
“Enter the average you want to spend each day”

google adwords campaign budget

In this section, you have to add the daily budget that you want to spend on this campaign.
For example, I am adding 500 rs. If you are in the USA then you can add price in Dollars let say $100 or $500 or $50 as per your choice.

Note: The more budget you add your chances become more powerful to be displayed.

In the below, you will see the Delivery method. Most of the time it is Standard.
That means your budget will be optimized by the Google algorithms itself.
To choose the Accelerated method you must have a big budget.

Simply go with Standard budget and move to the next section. That is Additional Settings

google adwords guide

If you click on Additional Settings this will open further options like below image:

Additional Settings

These are;

  • Ad rotation
  • Ad schedule
  • Start and end dates
  • Devices
  • Frequency capping
  • Campaign URL options
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Conversions
  • Content exclusions

We suggest you leave all the above options as it is possible. And mainly they are already according to the campaign.
Moving to the next section:
“Create your ad group”

Ad Group

Put here the name of the Ad group. This is basically set up to organize your campaign and bis strategy for Keywords, Ad type, targeting methods, etc. you can create more than one ad group after completing the campaign.

Now move to the next section called “Audiences”
This is a very important part of any Campaign. You have to see and observe the Interest of your targeted Audience.
You can select this by three ideas.

  1. Search
  2. Browse
  3. Ideas

Edit targeted audiences

In the above Image, I have added the PPC in the search tab.
Below you can see the options that I have to select.
For example, I choose the third one that is “pay per click management services”.

I will click on the next tab called “Browse”
Here I choose What they are actively searching or planning (Customer intent).

google adwords tutorial

Basically here we have to check to add the interest of the Client. More close your interest will go to more near to your ad.
Here I can see the more options and I scroll down to Software option and then Design Software.

google adwords for beginners

As you can see in the above screenshot this gives me two selected options on the right side. Based on my analysis of interest.

You can say Pay per click services users with the Design Software interest.
Then I am moving to the next tab “IDEAS”

Ideas google ads

Here Google ads campaign giving me the ideas based on my selected terms.
And I choose “Video Software”.

Now move to the next section called “Demographics”

This will let you select Gender, Age, Parental status, Household income. Choose the appropriate one to narrow the Audiences.
By selecting Audience I move down to the next section “Content targeting”

Here I choose the Keywords option and Added the targeted Keywords by Typing the PPC as an option.
This gives me the Ideas:

google adwords ppc

I can add as many keywords or all as per my choice.
The Audience with these keywords will be more able to see my Ads.

Next section is - Targeting Expansion
You can leave as it is as Google will optimize according to the keywords ideas.
Google can show based on a similar interest for more reach.

Next is - Ad group bid
Here you need to enter your CPC bid that is Cost per Click bid for this ad group.
I have added 10rs.

So, understand this with my example in a simple way.
In the above Budget for day, I have already added 100 rs.
And here I am adding 10 rs per click (CPC).

So within one day, I am paying the Google to 100 rs for 10 clicks.
10*10= 100.

You can choose as per your need.
Note: Budget and Targeted audiences are just demoing to show the campaign example. You have to add according to your product or service interest and your budget.

Next section is - Create your ads.
Click on the new Ad and Responsive Display Ad.

Here simply Create an ad by filling up all the details.
That is URl, image, text, video as per guidelines. Video is an optional field. If you do not have any you can skip this.

In the right side you can preview your ad in all formats;

Google Ads Formats

  • Key Ad formats
  • Image Ad formats
  • Text Ad formats
  • Native Ad formats

Check all the formats, this will give you a proper idea about your information added.
Click on Add to Group and Click Create Campaign

To run your campaign you have to fill the Credit card information.
That’s it we have created a Google Adwords Campaign.

We hope you all have successfully created your Google Ads Campaign with the above information. If you have any kind of Doubt or any question, feel free to ask.

Also Check For Prohibited content in Google Ads