Services Offered By Ohio Edison

A subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp, Ohio Edison electric company serves over 1 million customers across northeast and north central Ohio. FirstEnergy is a green business with several subsidiaries working under its umbrella that provide an array of services including Electrical, and offers smart products as well to better serve the community. It encourages energy-efficiency and comfort for home living.

When it comes to Electrical Services, Ohio Edison has professional contracts that assist with home-related electrical projects such as repairs, inspections and even installation for electronics. They even offer Surge Assistance packages at very affordable rates, to cover for any surge related damage to electronics and appliances in a home. 

However, other than electrical there are more home related services they offer that may peak your interest because let’s admit it, there aren’t many companies offering such as much.

Home Insulation

Home Insulation is one of the best ways to save energy and simultaneously cut down on utility bills. That is because it helps keep a house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, lifting the burden off of the air conditioners and thermostats to work even harder to make the home comfortable. But it brings with it additional benefits as well that are often overlooked. 

Insulating the walls of a home helps keep noise to a minimum; so the noise from onset traffic nearby or even from the next room can’t be heard, giving you a quieter and a more relaxing home environment. It also helps in reducing humidity by serving as a moisture barrier. And another great benefit that works to your advantage, it increases the house’s resale value should you ever want to sell. 

Book a consultation with a professional contractor and get a free consultation visit in order to get more detailed information as well as a price quote for your home. 

Tree Services

Trees are a great and healthy addition to any backyard and neighborhood, but there are times they can prove to be problematic if they aren’t exactly taken care of or maintained from time to time. 

Ohio Edison offers Tree Services that include tree and stump removal, tree pruning and trimming, emergency tree services ad tree health maintenance. The fact that such work can be dangerous for just anybody to do, professional contractors from Ohio Edison can cater to such services, even in times of emergencies. 


While FirstEnergy and its subsidiaries are companies that promote green energy, Ohio Edison also provides home products. When it comes to lighting they offer three kinds of services: Landscape Lighting, Post Lamps and Security Lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Set up your yard with smart outdoor lighting so you can enjoy the outdoors more. Ohio Edison provides stylish, high-quality smart lights that have several designs to fit your home aesthetic and can work automatically as well.

Post Lamps

Ohio Edison has a collection of versatile, weatherproof and energy efficient post lamps that work automatically according to the hours of the day. They use LED technology that cuts down the energy cost by about 80% and work better than a standard light bulb.

Security Lighting

Keep your home safe with a high-quality floodlight that works with motion sensor technology to turn on and off according to the clock and can be adjusted to direct the light wherever you’d want it. These lights are also available in different classic to contemporary styles and are energy-efficient using LED tech that help cut down cost by a significant margin.

For every service provided by Ohio Edison and other FirstEnergy subsidiaries, licensed professionals and contractors are hired to do the job. They offer free consultations that can be booked so as to get an idea for what would be great for your home in regards to a specific service you choose. And they also have different payment methods to make it easier for customers; the first being through your electric bill, secondly through check or credit card, and thirdly installments – all preceded by terms and conditions.