A SEO Guide to Higher Ranking Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a busy place and it is so easy for a person to have their videos lost in the shuffle since more than one hundred hours of videos are uploaded to the site every single minute of the day. That is a lot of videos for people to choose from!

Obviously, each person that is uploading a video will want theirs to rank as high up in the search results as possible. However, in order for them to do it, they need to follow certain guidelines.

Here are the 8 SEO steps that everyone needs to take in order to get higher ranking videos on YouTube:

Create a List of Potential Keywords

The first thing anyone needs to do is create a list of keywords that they think they could use to generate views. The easiest way to do this is to start typing words into the YouTube Search Suggest feature and see what pops up.

A person can then add different variations of those keywords to their list as well. The suggested keywords are normally the best though, as those are the actual words that YouTube users are typing into YouTube to find the videos that they are watching.

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Choose the Best Keywords for Optimization

While a person will want to eventually choose the best keyword of them all, there is nothing wrong with having a couple of keywords readily available. That will allow them to play around with those keywords to see if any of them bring in more views than the rest! To find the best keywords, a person will need to find the lowest competition keywords possible.

To do this, a person would simply type the keyword of their choice into the search feature and then click the about results. This will give them the total number of videos that are available with that keyword. Everyone will want that number to be as low as possible, as it will give them the best chances of having their videos found.

Check the Keyword on Google

While most views on YouTube come from within the YouTube search engine, there is nothing wrong with a person making sure that their keywords are ranking high on Google as well. The thing is that Google will only include videos within the search results for certain keywords.

The keywords that a person will want to consider for this option include any how-to keywords, keywords with the word review, and keywords with the word tutorial. Funny videos and any videos that are fitness or sports-related will also do well in Google search results.

A person will basically use the same keyword search guidelines that they did above, only this time, they will focus on the search option within Google. The Google Keyword Planner is another option that many people will want to utilize, as it will give them the average number of times that the keyword is searched for every single month. The higher that number the better chances a person will have at getting their video seen.

Only Publish High-Retention Videos

Audience retention is huge in the eyes of YouTube, so every video that a person post needs to retain the attention of many people. That basically means that videos that people watch from start to finish will rank higher than those that people stop watching part of the way through. The best way to have high-retention videos is to create a video that offers valuable information and is interesting and not boring.

Encourage Viewers to Leave Comments

The more comments a video has, the better it will rank in the search results. Therefore, everyone should encourage their viewers to comment by asking them their opinion or another type of question in the video that will get them to respond.

Encourage Subscriptions

The more subscribers that a person has for their channel the better chance that their videos will rank higher. It is not always easy to earn subscribers, but by asking people to subscribe, a person can easily get their numbers to climb. All a person needs to do is ask people to subscribe at the end of the video. This is always best done after asking a question to keep them engaged. This will allow a viewer to do both at the same time.

Encourage Video Sharing

Videos that get shared must be amazing, which is why those videos are always higher up in the search results.

Improve the Click Through Rate

As with anything else, the more people that click on a video, the better that video will do. Everyone needs to know their click-through ratings so that they know if they need to make changes to get their rating better.

There are many other ways that a person can get their videos to rank higher with SEO on YouTube, but these eight will get a person headed in the right direction.

About the Author: Andrew Guh is a senior SEO, with a focus on keywords research and Google algorithms updates. Check out SEO blog and inspirational site for entrepreneurs.

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