Why your business needs a Security Operations Center [Managed SOC]


A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides threat detection, prevention, and protection methods to enterprise systems that handle critical and confidential data. SOCs can be maintained in-house or managed on the cloud by a third party. Managing in-house SOC is costly and requires vast physical and human resources. This makes it attractive for businesses to opt for a managed SOC, which is highly equipped and comprises experienced personnel. Managed SOC also benefits businesses unwilling or unable to afford an in-house SOC team.

A managed SOC could help a business secure its networks, locations, infrastructure, or teams. There are some compelling reasons your business needs a managed SOC and should prefer it over an in-house SOC.

What Is Security Operations Center?[SOC]

Security Operations Center or SOC is a centralized location, in-house or on the cloud, to protect the IT infrastructure of a business. A SOC team comprises experts such as managers, threat hunters, analysts, and incident responders.

A SOC has three core functions. The functions are implemented by the SOC team to secure the IT infrastructure of a business from cyber attacks, potential threats, and other ill-intended acts in cyberspace.

Key Functions Of SOC

  • Prevention
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to neutralize the threats
  • Research and Develop secure systems
  • Update the existing systems regularly
  • Staff Training
  • Detection
  • Discovering assets and managing them
  • Continuously monitoring the system behavior
  • Maintain activity logs
  • Compliance auditing in regular intervals
  • Protection
  • Searching for threats
  • Monitor the system
  • Backups and recovery of business data

Why Your Business Needs A Security Operations Center? [Managed SOC]

Dedicated Expertise

A managed SOC can provide dedicated security expertise with its trained and experienced team of analysts, threat detection specialists, and incident responders. This dedicated expertise is unmatched for an in-house SOC team.

Uninterrupted 24/7 Monitoring

A managed SOC employs AI and ML algorithms to continuously monitor your enterprise system 24/7 to detect any potential threats. As a result, it will significantly decrease any risk of compromises and increase the response time in case of any incident or attack

Trained & Experienced Personnel

All the SOC team members are well-trained and experienced individuals in their dedicated fields. This expertise and experience give them an advantage when detecting and preventing any potential issues and threats in your system.

Only Important Alerts

A managed SOC can detect and identify any false alerts and investigate them before informing the business. This filters any unwanted alerts and only important alerts will be sent to the internal team, saving time and resources for the business.

Faster Detection

A managed SOC can detect threats faster through continuously monitoring an enterprise system and proactively looking for any issues. Faster detection of potential threats helps secure the system in time, preventing any loss or breach of data.


Managed SOCs are not only detecting threats but also trying to prevent them. Protecting your system by continuously hunting and analyzing potential threats makes managed SOCs proactive. As a result, a business can stay much ahead then the cyber-criminals with the increased visibility on security provided by the SOC team.

Cost Effective

A managed SOC is very cost-effective. They provide reliable and high-level security services at a fraction of the cost that incurs when maintaining in-house SOC. In addition, the cost is predictable or fixed. Most managed SOC providers operate on a monthly or yearly subscription model, which can be renewed when needed.


Therefore, securing the IT infrastructure of a business is crucial in today’s time when there are increasing security threats from individuals and governmental organizations around the world. 

If your enterprise system also handles confidential and crucial organizational data, a managed SOC will be of help. A managed SOC is equipped with various tools to secure your business in Cyberspace.

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