Why is outsourcing your e-learning content development a smart decision?


The market is flooded with innumerous Learning Management Systems. You only need to choose the best one according to your requirements of features and your pocket. Another important decision is whether to outsource your e-learning content development or not. Following are a few reasons that might incline you towards outsourcing it-

  • Make use of expertise-

The foremost reason to employ an outsourcing agency for your e-learning content has to be the expertise offered by them. They know what they are doing and most importantly how to do it. Thus, it means no guesswork and time-wasting in trying new ideas into the unknown. They have the required expertise that you are paying for at your disposal. 

  • Scalability preparation-

As already mentioned, e-learning content developers are already aware of the dynamics of the industry and have experience in navigating through the same. Thus, when they create e-learning content for you, it is easily scalable if need be. Whether the number of users increases or decreases, scalability is easily achieved in expert-generated content. 

  • Innovation-

As the content creators who you outsource to are aware of what your competitors are doing and essentially what is happening in the market, they are in a better position to create an innovative product than the SME’s of your business who are likely to be inexperienced in this regard. 

  • Learner engagement boost-

As you are already aware, the SME’s or subject matter experts of a field have more knowledge than others. This means the e-learning development agency is more likely to create an engaging product for the learners than you can ever expect out of your team who are not experts in the field. This translates into a boost in learner engagement. 

  • Maximization of LMS benefits-

LMSs such as Acendre are a great vehicle to deliver content, evaluate learners, track their progress, create necessary reports, etc. in one platform. But, only choosing the right LMS is not enough, you need to use it properly for maximum benefits. Having vast experience in this field, the e-learning content developers and instructional designers are in a much better position to maximize all the features of the LMS being used, for your benefit.

  • Unique training course-

The agency to which the job is outsourced is more likely to create a unique training course on-demand than the people with limited experience in the field. 

  • Faster completion rate-

In the world of business, it is important to put your ideas into practice without wasting precious time. The faster the processes are completed without compromising the quality, the better it is for business. Your team with limited experience in the field will likely take more time than an experienced team of content developers and instructional designers who are aware of the internal proceedings of the industry. 

  • No extra burden on the core team-

One of the core benefits of outsourcing the e-learning content development to industry experts is that your SMEs and core team are relieved of the extra burden and can solely focus on their USP. 

  • Less costly-

The outsourcing of e-learning content development is likely to be more cost-effective than having your core team develop the content. Better efficiency and skills are expected from outsourcing the job, which might turn out to be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. 

Conclusively, it might be fair to say that outsourcing the development of e-learning content to experts is a smarter decision than playing trial and error with your present team which might result in increased turnaround time, a burden on core team members, with lesser innovative product and learner engagement. Ultimately, it ends up costing more.

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