Ninja Trader: Research, Charting, and Trading

Starting online trading is a fun way to learn about the stock market. It is hard to know where to begin and how to look at what you are seeing. There are multiple platforms available for you to try and learn from, but they all are not made equal, and whether you are new or experienced, you understand that stock trading requires research.

Ninja Traders is a platforms where trading information is not just updated at the end of the day. The platforms present you with real hard data that can help you make financial decisions and trade effectively. They provide solid tools to work with, and they are more than willing to work with you.

What is NinjaTrader?

Its a well-developed trading platform where the user can research stocks, bonds, Cryptocurrencies, and other securities in-depth and make beneficial short-term and long-term financial decisions to buy, sell, trade, or hold as they want.

The range of tools it has are almost unlimited, and the potential for portfolio growth and development astounding. The portfolio has stock screening functions along with automated trades. It is the perfect tool for a day trader or one new to the stock market world.

How to get started

There are two different ways to get started trading. Ninja offers a demo account and a real-time trading account. There are reasons for using both, but selecting the one that works right for you.

  • Demo Account

The program is free to try through their downloads. The beginning trader can start working with the software and the trade simulator, signal development, and backtesting before their 30-day free demo account expires. The demo account provides a comprehensive way to learn the program and understand the many tools you can use to build your portfolio

  • Real-Time Trading Account

Demo accounts last for only a month, but you can open a new one if you require more training. A full trading account gives the user access to the tools the demo account provided, but with the option of completing the trades. You can automate your trades and exchanges.

The platform is a good option for more active traders and brokerages. The platform offers an open framework system, which means if you can't find a tool within the dozens of platform tools, you can integrate a third-party tool into your platform.

The charts are some of the top features of the platform. The demo account allows ninja trader indicators through the charts and to build out possible trade options. The linking feature is only available in version 8, but it allows for charts to connect to different pages to connect.

You can look at the three charts on one page and review your patterns over specific time frames. The charts do not have to be one specific security to display a great deal of information to consider. You can adjust the intervals and link instruments for a better, more informed perspective.

Ninja Trader Download

The ninja trader download is simple. All you need to decide is which versions of it you want to start with. Between versions 7 and 8, there are few differences, but the difference is in the tools you can use and how you can use them.

  • Ninja Trader 7

Ninja Trader 7 has all the basic tools for reviewing stocks and analyzing data. While it is the older edition of the software, it is still available for download as a comprehensive market analysis tool. It is optimized for computer use across many systems.

The Control center is the primary tool and page for you to receive stock overviews and build comprehensive plans for trades and research data. You can manage your tools and account connections to understand your data. You can also start building and viewing charts with in-depth analysis angels of your choosing.

You have access to unique features like the SuperDOM, which provides you with price ladders and trades submitted with one click. You also have workspaces where you can view your trades and analyze your data. You also have access to thousands of add-ons through third-party vendors in which you can customize your platform.

  • Ninja Trader 8

Ninja trader 8 offers the same amazing benefits and version 7, but it has been redesigned to be more flexible for the user. It offers more enhancements to the original version with advanced trading features for all kinds of traders. The platform offers automated trades for stocks, futures, and forex.

The updated platform added new add-ons from the development team. The add-ons are integrated into the already function applications to provide new insights and trades. The new system has a script-based system like C#, which gives you the ability to program your ideal trades and futures easily.

The interface gives you secondary simulations with pips and ticks to allow you to customize orders and trades by color and by a specific order type. Quantities give you the option of selecting preset quantities and incremental values for future trades and research. The Chart Trader interface now gives you multi-instrument charts so you can select what you want to trade.

The SuperDOM is upgraded with the hold button removed and the hove button added in its place. The feature temporarily freezes the price allowing you to consider your trades and place orders. Customer feedback provided a lot of the changes, and using the program will give you more things to look for to customize your experience.

What are the system requirements?

The minimum requirement for you to use the platform require Windows 7 or above, Windows Serve 2008 with the updated platform, windows 2008 R2 or above, and a P4 processing system or above. 2GB of Ram are required for space and Framework of 3.5.

After Download

Getting started is simple. The program works with traders to be helpful and provide real data for complete trades.

  1. Download

Select either version 7 or 8 to download.

  1. Connect with a free end-of-the-day market data

The data source helps you get a start at looking at the current US stocks and what they did for the day.

  1. Load your first Chart

The charts are where your customization begins. You will be able to add your chart, choose your views from daily, weekly, and monthly. You will be able to select how you see your data in a bar chart, line, or candlestick view.

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  1. Start Trading

Trades are one-click trade functions that you can execute with only your mouse. You place the order to buy or sell directly on the chart to ensure you are making the trade you want. You will receive a confirmation message almost immediately afterward. The one-click trade function is one favored by day traders as it allows them to buy and sell stocks rapidly without having to wait for a system to process the transaction.

Automated strategies are available for you to buy, such as trading rob that will place the trades for you. Other people write trading strategies and come with built-in Ninja trader indicators through the Ecosystem site. They are a good way to invest in a company when you need extra help in placing and watching your trade.

You can load your days and follow the stock of your choosing. The chart indicators will help you begin to understand what you see on the chart.


The platform has thousands of apps, charts, and extended features to help you track and understand the movements of stocks in the long and short-term. The add-ons come from multiple third-party vendors that have built plug-ins and customized tools to help you make your choices.

You can build your charts and tools through their system and customize them to your needs as well, but sometimes when you need to make decisions with very little time, you have to act now.

Ninja Trader review

The ninja trader review for the platform is positive. The users are across the United States and around the globe. Many of the users are large investment firms working on behalf of their customers for up-to-date information and portfolio changes. The platform flexibility and in-depth features draw thousands of new users every month.

Top investment firms and companies are raving about the special features of both versions of the platform. The tools and the "ecosystem" are the most impressive features of the platform. The latest version of the software has also built out multiple features of the program for a more comprehensive portfolio.

Final Thoughts

The platform for people wanting to understand the way stocks move. It is also a platform to learn about the way you can see them move.

What makes it one of the best platforms on the market is its ability to show you and have you been able to experiment with data. Regular platforms do not have the flexibility or the customer service representatives ready to help you make sense of what you are seeing.