Newspaper And Its Stories


In every person's life the newspaper plays a vital role. People's mornings start with the newspaper and its news. In most of the families the newspaper provides a topic of discussion. 

What is Newspaper?

It is a form of a paper where all the daily updates or other promotional or non-promotional news is being printed daily or weekly and further distributed among common people.

Newspapers are being printed in different languages worldwide as per the reading and understanding of their citizens.

In India newspapers are being printed in almost all the regional languages as per the state and english and hindi.

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Why is the Newspaper Being Used:- 

Newspapers are being used as it helps in giving the proper update to the people of a country to know what is going on in their country or world with respect to all the political, social, religious , war, diseases and so on issues.

Newspaper is a place which helps us in knowing what is going on and where it is going on.

How The News Have Been Published In The Newspaper :- 

The editor of the newspaper plays an significant role in the quality of the newspaper as the chief editor of the newspaper at the end decides which news among various news will go in the newspaper and at which page and which column.

While publishing a news a newspaper agency have to take care of the following things that are as follows:-

  • Relevancy of the news: They have to put a strict eye on what news they are publishing, how genuine that news is, Impact of that news on the society, Relevancy of that news.
  • Divide: The editor should be responsible to put all sorts of content in the newspaper with respect to every type of news so it's his/her duty to segregate the content at different pages and columns according to the public interest and importance.
  • Language and tone: The editor has to check the content of the newspaper and check the basics of news such as tone, genre and other things while publishing the final content in the newspaper.
  • Fact check: It is the most important thing as people completely rely on the news reading in the newspaper and they consider it as fact so the editor has to keep a sharp eye on the facts of the news published in the newspaper.
  • Time reachability: The newspaper has to reach people on time with its daily routine to read in the morning and afternoon so the editor has to make sure that the news delivered in the newspaper is updated and latest and has been delivered on time to people.

Therefore, the newspaper plays an important role and the editor of the newspaper plays an vital role in making a newspaper popular and stable.