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As you recognize, parental controls are wont to help parents protect their children from risks like cyber stalking, adult / pornographic content, and internet addiction. The FamiSafe Parental control app is the supreme and widespread parental control application on the arcade that permits you to safely care for your kids contrary to attacks, unsolicited content, or bullying online.

Why you should have to use parental controls?

The parental control app is not out of sight and compromises child security while spyware is secret and is used to find out what the user is doing without their acquaintance. 

Here are the main risks that may possible:

Adult content: This content is porn and sexual content and it is also violent content; this app FamiSafe will scan the content before the right of entry and offers a cover of safety.

Cyber addiction: what makes children dependent on the internet which can therefore make them demotivated or have problems concentrating or sleeping?

Cyber bullying: everyone is often a victim of this type of attack which may destroy the psychic balance and victimize the person in question, if this is often true for an adolescent how can we leave our youngsters with the planet of social networks without protection against this sort of risk.

Features of FamiSafe 

This location tracker comes with a variety of features to choose from. You cannot only use it to track the activity of your child throughout the day but you can also control their devices and manage the kind of content your child is going to consume and even the websites and apps they are using to spend most of their time.


The app has a feature called geo-fencing. This astonishing feature allows you to mark safe zones on the map. These safe zones are the places that you will consider safe to visit for your child. You can add fences and limit your child to certain locations you will mark for them. If your child is out of defense you will receive a notification about their current whereabouts. Similarly, you will also receive a notification when a child will check in to a safe zone. You can note the time of their stay and can track them if they leave from there.  

Live location

As we have mentioned earlier, you can ask your child to share their live location no matter where they are be. You can track them through your device and stay up to date about their daily visits to any particular location.

Schedule reward times

You can also add scheduled times. By scheduling, you can get them to focus more on the tasks at hand. Until they have completed the task, you can lock them out of their device for as long as you want. You will offer them rewards screen time as a result of completing their tasks.

Daily usage reports 

FamiSafe location tracking app also allows you to pick the apps your child can use and it tracks the app activity in a device on a daily basis. It also lets you choose the apps your child can use and then tracks the app activity on their device. You can get a daily activity report about the usage of one particular app and the times it has been used. It also shares the history of recent downloads and apps that they have deleted.


There is also a feature that allows you to customize the content on the web pages your teenager will open on their computer. If you want to block any particular websites or stop them from watching mature, violent, or explicit stuff, you can do it conveniently with the help of the FamiSafe app. It also allows you to make blacklists and white lists. You can shortlist websites of your choice. If your child would open any website that is on the blacklist you will get a notification on your device connected to the device of your child through the app.


The application isn't free, chiefly because of the exertions endowed in developing it. There are many subscription choices offered on the

App Store. Betting on your demand, you'll subscribe to it.

One month: $ 9.99 (up to five devices protected)

Three months: 19.99 (up to ten devices protected)

One year: $ 59.99 (up to thirty devices protected)

At first look, the annual subscription fee appearance costlier however actually, it's cheaper. A yearly subscription means that you simply need to pay $ five / month. Not solely that, however the power to safeguard the device has conjointly been considerably accrued, up to thirty devices. 

You can download FamiSafe from here:

Download from Google Play store 

Download FamiSafe for IOS from here 

Download FamiSafe from the Amazon store

By taking the quarterly and yearly plans you'll protect more devices.


The dangers of the Internet are growing and varying from today. With FamiSafe, keeping an eye fixed on your children is far easier. And not only supervising, with this application you'll teach them responsibility regarding the utilization of online devices.

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