Medical And Laws Associated With It

Medical And Laws Associated With It

Medical line is a diversified field and has a lot of exposure and money in it. All the hospitals, doctors, pathologist lab, medical stores, Labs and so on come under the medical category.

Medical category is basically for the treatment and diagnosis of the people who are suffering ill or suffering from any diseases.

What is Medical?

In simple language this line is related to the study of medicines and people concerned with medicines such as doctors, nurses, pathologists and so on.

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Role of technology in medical field:-

Technology plays a vital role in the field of medicine and has various benefits in the medical field which are as follows:-

  • It helps in diagnosis of the diseases in the patients with the help of various machines such as X-ray machines, ultrasound, MRI machines and other machinery.
  • It helps in the treatment of patients in a better manner.
  • It helps in diagnostic centers for making good and accurate reports of the samples.
  • It helps hospitals in maintaining the records of the doctor and patients.

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Laws related to medical:-

The Indian government has timely taken lot of initiative to take care of medical facilities in our country and make in sure by putting a clause in our constitution only for the sake of “Right to Health” to secure the right of every citizen in India with respect to health and everyone get the opportunity for the treatment and diagnostic in our country.

They have also made a few laws on the medical field such as law related to path labs, law related to doctors and so on by introducing different acts to secure the rights for both doctors, patients and other people concerned with the medical industry.

Few of the acts are as follows:-

  • Indian Medical Council act 1956 : It was regulated in 1956 with an idea to provide legal framework and governance of the Practice of medicine in India.
  • The drugs and cosmetics act 1940 : It is being regulated for the sake of manufacturing, selling and production of different drugs and cosmetics and their uses.
  • The medical termination of Pregnancy act 1971 : This act provides the laws and provisions under which the termination or abortion of the pregnancy is legal and under which circumstances it will be considered as illegal.
  • The consumer protection act 2019 : This act also implied the rules and regulations where the sale or production of certain products are not allowed and have certain laws against it.

Therefore, the above few explain and make us aware about the laws related to the medical industry.