Is Renting a House Cheaper than Renting an Apartment?



One of the primary questions of most people trying to relocate is the cost. Renting and buying – these aren’t the only two options available. If you want, you can choose to rent a house or an apartment. 

What’s the Difference?

Basically, if you share walls and common spaces with your neighbors, you are living in an apartment. They are units that make a space consisting of several homes. On the other hand, a house is only one home, where your neighbors do not share common spaces. 

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Which One is Cheaper?

Renting a house vs. renting an apartment. Which one sounds cheaper to you? That’s right! An apartment is cheaper since you are sharing spaces like a parking lot, pools, etc. In an apartment, you don’t have to pay for extra utility and spaces. 

Some single-family houses can be cheaper than many apartments. Location determines value more than you would think. But generally, an apartment is mostly cheaper than a house. 

Should You Move into an Apartment or a House?

It mostly depends on yourself, as people may have certain preferences. However, if you haven’t been able to decide yet, you should try getting an apartment rather than a house for rent. Why? Because-

  • Cheaper

We have discussed it before. It is always cheaper to get an apartment compared to renting a house. In a house, you would have extra spaces that you might need to pay for. If you are a bachelor or bachelorette, apartments are always the better choice! 

  • Easily Maintainable

If you move into a rented house, you are responsible for all the repairing task the place needs or might need in the future. But, in an apartment, you don’t worry about it at all. Just let your landlord or officials know and they will take care of it. For example, shoveling snow, fixing leaks, etc. 

  • Better Safety

In an apartment, you have more safety features than a house. Most of the time, apartments have strict guarding, surveillance, etc. Also, in apartments, your neighbors would be very close to help in any situation. People who are living alone or have kids may find apartments better for security. 

  • Better for Short-Term Option

If you need a place to move in for the short term, then an apartment is clearly the better choice. Short term leases are available for many apartments. If you rent a house, the leases are mostly long-term. Meaning, you would be staying there for a long time whether you like it or not. Having an apartment gives you more freedom to move anytime you want! 


Overall, renting an apartment seems like a better option. If you want to stay in a house, the better option is real estate. Most of the time, people prefer apartments for renting while they buy houses once they form a family. If you are in search of a quality apartment near your area, check out this cool apartment finder that lets you get excellent results according to your preferences.

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