Instagram Ads

Instagram offers an elaborate platform for businesses to advertise their brand without much hassle. Don’t they say a picture speaks a thousand words? Sure, does! It offers its active users a visual experience with the added benefit of having retailers and brands on fingertips.
So does it make you wonder like me how many people can we reach through this with effective Advertising?

Well, facts state that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand and 60% discover new platforms. Which means, that after Instagram released the Ad feature in 2015, brands can possibly reach out to active 400 million users of the registered 600 million Instagrammers.

Since features are user-friendly and anybody can showcase their brand with it, it has led to substantial competition in the market. Everybody appears to be struggling at the seams to secure their business. However, some are truly managing it effectively.

In order for you to grow your brand on Instagram, you need effective ways of transfixing viewers, to what you have to display. These 7 ways will make your Ad become a standout in the crowd.

Ads Should Not Be (Look Like) Ads

Weird isn’t it? But what I mean will make sense in no time.

Statistics determine that 83% of people have started this “Not all ads are bad, but I want to filter out the really obnoxious ones.” While 77% agreed on, “I wish there were a way to ad-filter instead of ad-block completely.”

Ads can really become an unappreciated thing especially the pop-up ones. Many viewers show repulsion towards ads on social media because most of the people are there for leisure or self-fulfillment and when an unwanted ad comes out from nowhere, they want to slam it shut as soon as it pops.

However, with Instagram, you can place an ad and target it to your potential customer market, without giving the feel of having posted an ad. Giving people the opportunity of selecting the ad they want to view rather forcing it onto them. All they need is a great, well-thought idea for a picture or video. It should not appear to be an advertisement unless the on-looker is gripped to it.

Customize Your Target Audience

Knowing where the ideal target lies is essential for ad marketing. You can filter out the people you want should view your specific Instagram post (ad) and consequently make a purchase. Customizing target options is to be done wisely. For example, if you are a great Indian makeup artist and you advertise your business; to people living in China, chances are your ad will not be as effective as it should have been.

In order to avoid stress spent in vain kind of feeling, utilize the option of audience customization on Instagram and refine your audience with this advanced core targeting technique.

Promote Only Your Best Content As An Ad

Once the audience has been customized, now it is time to send in only the best of the best option to them. A good picture that will be gripping enough to make the on-looker scroll down to read the caption, where he finds out he can purchase the good or service too.

Do not waste this powerful tool and make a lasting impression on your target audience. Promote the best-selling, most creative idea you have in store. But how is one to asses which image will stir up positive action in viewers? Consider A/B testing strategy and share the image that has more likes of appreciation on your Insta post; on several high traffic sites too.
After you are sure of having a powerful image in-store, promote that to your selected audience as an advertisement.

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Using Videos As Effective Promotion

While a picture tells a thousand words, a video shows the complete story. A well-directed one can leave a lasting effect on your potential customers.

With Instagram’s video promotion feature, you can send in your product/service attributes by carefully creating, a subtle yet intense video for a powerful impact. Make use of the 2 minutes as wisely as possible benefitting your brand in return.

Utilize The Multi-Image Post Option

You can use several images in a single post for optimum impact. It is like telling people about your product story and features in a handful of valuable images instead of using spoken words.

The best one as the first image to grip and the following ones to create a stifling effect so the audience ultimately lands to action.


Instagram stories are a fast version of justifying a point. As Facts state, “71% of US brands use Instagram stories to promote their products and offers” you can make use of them to make a quick point.

Instagram Ads Stories

Above Image Source: Janelle Marie Lloyd

A local dermatologist in NJ can stir up before and after images or short scenes in the stories and let people know about their services, giving a more realistic feel about their work. Advertising while no one can even know it.

Make Use Of A CTA Button

Instagram offers a Call To Action button option with your promotional post. In which you can save people the time of searching for your site and quickly land on your page. With this button option, the person viewing your product can timelessly take an action and either contact or visit the e-shop in the next step.


Social media marketing can be very easy yet difficult, considering the endless amount of competition due to less costly access received by everyone willing to present their brand. So in order to make your e-marketing thrive, you have to put in your best efforts with the amazing options provided by the platform you are using, such as Instagram.

Remember! For an impression to turn into a lasting impact, you must make use of these options I have mentioned above. You never know with an outstanding advertisement, from either of the features you use, you can boost your sales and hold onto people’s hearts for a long long time.

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