Importance of Culture



Culture is a product of many different elements. There may be sub-cultures within the main culture that a community shares. A collection of several subcultures is only cohesive when the primary culture is present. It can be compared to faiths that hold the same fundamental belief in God but differ in their specific doctrines and conceptions of him. You experience stability, which makes you feel secure and protected. Most people have the same emotional reaction towards culture as they do towards their family. When two strangers share a cultural background, they instantly click. Cities, states, and regions are connected through their shared cultural heritage. 

Need of Culture 

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Some of the importance of Culture are-  

1. It shapes our identities 

Our identities are shaped by culture in innumerable ways. The language we use, the religion we follow, the customs we follow, the foods we eat, and the values we support are all influenced by the culture in which we were raised. Our thoughts and attitudes on significant subjects like politics, racism, and gender are influenced by our cultural heritage. Our sense of self-identity may be significantly influenced by our cultural upbringing. For instance, if your upbringing places a high emphasis on family values, you can grow to feel very strongly like a part of a family. Growing up in a society that values independence and self-reliance may help you to form a strong sense of who you are as a person. 

2. Provides a sense of Belonging 

Since humans are social creatures, they require a sense of community to flourish. Culture gives us a shared identity and set of values that we may draw from to foster a sense of community. Our ability to interact with others and form relationships, which is crucial to our psychological health, is made possible by culture. We can communicate more deeply with people and share our experiences, which fosters a strong sense of solidarity. Also, culture gives us a sense of continuity and stability. It provides us with a framework for interpreting occurrences and aids in our understanding of the world. 

3. Provides a medium of expression 

The ability to express oneself via culture can be very freeing and uplifting. We can better understand and identify with others by learning how they express themselves via their culture. Culture gives us the chance to express who we are and what drives us, whether it be via art, music, dance, fashion, or gastronomy. Take the world of fashion. We can express our uniqueness to others by dressing in a way that reflects our own tastes. As with traditional attire from many parts of the world, we can also use fashion to show our cultural identity. Alternatively, like in the case of punk rock or gothic fashion, we use our attire to express a particular attitude or mood. 

The Bottom Line

Our attitude development is influenced by culture. How we approach living is influenced by our cultural ideals. The behaviourist definition of culture states that it is the supreme form of social control, wherein individuals regulate their own morals and conduct. The guiding principles of our way of life are derived from our cultural values. They influence the way we think, act, and behave.

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