How to get an MTA certification

It is not easy to start a new career, especially if you've already spent some time in another field. The most effective method is to enroll in certification classes that should give you the required technical training needed to pass a certification exam. One such certification is the Microsoft Technology Associate certification. 

Being an MTA-certified technology specialist will likely lead to a lucrative and successful technology career. Granted, this examination isn't easy in the slightest, so you will have to be well prepared.  

What is the MTA certificate?

To gain an MTA certification, you will have to get an extensive knowledge of Microsoft certification. This is grouped into 3 tracks: database, IT infrastructure, and development. The IT infrastructure category includes the networking fundamentals certification.

MTA certification training is designed to ascertain your knowledge of the core concepts – network hardware, network infrastructure as well as protocols and services. An ideal candidate should at least have minimal hands-on experience when it comes to Windows Server, network management tools, etc. However, this isn't a necessary prerequisite.

Who should consider an MTA certification?

The MTA certificate is ideal for candidates seeking to understand MTA networking fundamentals and MTA security fundamentals. Passing the examination will let potential employers know that you are equipped with sufficient knowledge of how information transfers via networking technologies. These technologies include the internet, local area networks, intranet, extranet, wireless networking, and wide area network.

Also, you will gain a foundational understanding of networking concepts like IP addressing, information security, Internet Protocols, the OSI model, etc.

Microsoft certification training

Several resources are provided by Microsoft to assist trainees in preparation for the MTA certification examination. The resources include two fundamental courses that are instructor-led. They last for five and three days respectively. Apart from these, a practice test is also available. This will give you an idea of the examination and how the questions are set.

Even though Microsoft offers several resources for studying, these resources don't necessarily address the entire subject matter that you will need to study for the test.

What to expect

The MTA certification exam is computer-based and will last for up to fifty minutes. There will likely be close to thirty or fifty questions. If you've prepared well for the examination, you will certainly have enough time to finish the questions and review your answers. However, if you're not well prepared, you might find yourself taking too much time on certain questions. This will limit the amount of time you will have to answer other questions and review your answers.

What other way can you get an MTA certification?

The only way to obtain a certification is by applying for the examination and passing it. This process is very easy as all you need to do is access the Microsoft website. Follow the outlined steps that you see there. To pass this exam and to do it with an impressive performance, you will have to prepare extensively. This is the only way you can get the certification you want.