6 Reasons Your Home Business Needs an Accountant


When we start home businesses, we typically try to find ways to save as much money as possible to minimise start-up and running costs. We do this by becoming a jack of all trades. Instead of focusing on our core business, and the things that only we can do, we become accountants, marketers, packers, and delivery drivers. There are many benefits to this. Yes, you’ll save money, but you’ll also gain new skills, learn more about business in general, and become a more well-rounded business owner. But at some point, hiring an accountant is essential. Here are six reasons why you need an accountant for your home business. 

To Save You Time

One of the primary reasons people start to look for Accountants in Liverpool is because they are short of time. They are spending too long on things like accounting, and don’t have time to do the things that they need to grow their business. Or, as sales have grown, accounting has become more complicated and started to take longer. 

To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Getting your accounts right is crucial. Failing to file tax returns on time, making mistakes, making incorrect payments, or making mistakes with your expenses can lead to costly fines and even more serious punishments. An accountant will ensure that your tax affairs meet regulations and give you the peace of mind of not having to worry. 

To Manage Growth

Accounts do become more complicated as your business grows and as you start to earn more money. At some point, you might have to think about registering for VAT and decide whether you want to be a sole trader or a registered company. Without an accountant, these complications can make growth hard to sustain.

For Valuable Business Advice

An accountant won’t just take care of your tax returns and file your invoices and receipts. They’ll also offer you valuable advice on your company’s finances, helping you to make the right decisions, save money and manage cash flow. Remember, an accountant is a financial expert, and their knowledge could be invaluable. 

To Reduce Your Tax Bill

Knowing what you can and can’t claim as an expense, or as a home business what percentage of your bills you can claim can be hard. While some people will try to claim as much as possible, most miss off deductions if they are unsure, to be safe. 

An accountant will make sure you are claiming as many expenses as you can, which can hugely reduce your tax bill at the end of the year. 

To Build a Healthy Cash Flow

We tend to assume that as our businesses grow, cash flow gets easier to manage. Unfortunately, making more money often means spending more money to sustain growth and maintain the quality of service. Knowing what’s coming in and going out and making sure the timings are right is essential. An accountant will help you to build a healthy cash flow and avoid problems. 

Many small businesses find that starting to outsource important work, like accountancy, is an important step towards sustained growth. Finding an accountant for your business can make a real difference to both cash flow, and performance.

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