History Slots Themes


Humans love casino gambling so much in the 21st century that it can be difficult to believe that the first casino in the world was only established a few hundred years ago in 17th century Venice. This was a fairly long time ago, yes, but recent discoveries have proven that gambling games like blackjack have been played in basic forms for the last several thousand years. So why did it take so long for the first casino to appear? 

We could be discussing this until the cows come home, but one of the definite positives to having actual casinos is the fact that they encouraged a whole lot more gambling innovation. Roulette came in the 1800s, for example, however the biggest gambling innovation was the development of slot machines. Nowadays slots at www.wizardslots.com/all-games are everywhere, and they come in so many different themes and designs too. Keep reading for some of the best history slots themes and expand your historical knowledge! 

Why do slots have themes? 

First up, what is the point of slot themes? Slot beginners in the 21st century wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at the ludicrous amount of different slot themes on offer at the moment because it’s all they ever know, but old-school brick and mortar slot gamblers will surely remember the days where most slots had very simple casino related themes. 

In reality though, without slot themes the overall slot industry would be in a much worst position, there is no arguing with that. Slot themes help give games their individual character, and they are also pivotal to drawing in new gamblers too. Moreover, if it weren’t for the continuously expanding world of slot themes most people would quickly tire of slot gambling.

Our favourite history slots themes 

Pretty much every developer operating in the slots industry will have used a historical related theme at least once, mainly because this kind of theme is the easiest to think of and produce. It’s also very interesting too! 

Take a look at our favourite history slots themes: 

  • Ancient Egypt: Pyramids, ancient treasure, pharaohs, Cleopatra… Need we go on? The Ancient Egypt slot theme is packed with so many different awesome possibilities, and its overall aesthetic of golden colours suits slot gambling really well too.
  • Ancient Rome: The Roman Empire was one of the most fascinating things throughout human history, being responsible for so many of the things that we take for granted in modern culture today. As such it makes an incredibly good slot theme, especially when you throw in things like gladiators and legions of soldiers.
  • Vikings: Did you know the Vikings are said to have got all the way to South East Asia several hundreds of years before any other Europeans? They were a fascinating culture and civilization, with a reputation that makes them perfect for online slot titles.  

Great historical slots to check out 

So, now you have some great historical slot themes to look out for, check out a few of these games: 

  • Cleopatra
  • Vikings Go Wild        
  • Centurion

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