Top 10 Health and Fitness Websites to Submit Blogs

Summary: The market size of the global fitness and health industry has been steadily increasing over the years,and so has its viewership. If this is where your passion lies, we have enlisted some websites for you to start writing on the topic as well.

Health and fitness is a topic close to everyone’s heart and lives. Nonetheless, the topic receives one of the largest readership and viewership worldwide. But, everyone cannot be a guide in this aspect, nor can everyone put complex dietary and health regimes into words for others to read and follow. So, if you are a health enthusiast and have a way with words, health and fitness blogging could be your arena.

As the common man becomes more conscious on health related topics and is on a constant lookout for ways to lead a comprehensive fitter lifestyle, the industry is sure to grow by leaps and bounds. Its growth has further enhanced the benefits of mobile apps for small business venturing into this domain.

The Covid-19 scenario has further promoted the mindset of a stronger health, better immunity mindset. 

Closing of physical clubs, gyms and other workout spaces when fitness has been on everyone's mind; has inclined the industry completely towards online resources including text, images and videos. So, if writing and health is your forte and you already do not have your blog, start working on one immediately. To give you a helping hand, we have herein enumerated websites that accept guest posts and third-party blogs. You could also try them out for yourself:

1. Health Review Board

Health Review Board is a comparatively new fitness platform with a youthful vibe that offers several general health related write-ups to its viewers. In a first, the platform also offers separate sections on medicinal usage and optimal consumption levels for Marijuana and Cannabis (a topic most  medical practitioners shy away from!)  as well as as pet-health; apart from providing realistic and insightful information on Health, Beauty, Food, Weight Loss, Weight Loss, Fitness, Skin, Medical, Brain, Keto Diet, etc. It is all-in-all the best platform in the current times to begin your journey of a health-blogger from. They have a separate section for Write For Us - Health and Fitness as well as Marijuana. You could check out their guidelines for guest posts here and get started!

2. Greatist

Moz DA: 86

PageRank: 6

Alexa Rank: 19,000

Greatist is a comprehensive health website with several featured blogs and write-ups on health related topics from nutritional diets, to wellness to sleep patterns. With a youthful aesthetic and  seperate pages for food, fitness, beauty, life, health and products; the website is a reader’s delight for all health freaks out there. You could fill in their form here and they shall be mail you back with a feedback.

3. FourHourWeek

Moz DA: 76 

PageRank: 5

Alexa Rank: 3000

This website by Tim Paine publishes scores of blogs on their website. You would have to sign in their agreement here and send them your blogs for publishing. Mind it, thereafter, the website shall be the owner of your article and its content and you shall only get a promotional byline, that too as and when approved by the website. With a high viewership rate, it could become your go-to platform to  begin writing on nutrition.

4. Healthline 

DA : 87

Page Authority: 71

Alexa Rank: 177

Healthline aggregates a complete health-related collection of write-ups and articles, including various write-ups on serious illness and living life through them. All their articles are thoroughly researched and referenced with high-quality published reports. With a dedicated’ Write For Us - Medical and Skin' section, many of their articles are even medically reviewed by doctors, nurses, and subject matter specialists,before publishing and they even update already published articles in course of time. So if you think, you can match the level of proficiency; check out their guidelines here.


DA: 72

PA: 60

Alexa Rank: 91,000

If you are a writer with a solid medical writing background, your write ups could get some landing on ScienceBasedMedicine.  Always on a lookout for interesting, relevant, scientifically sound, and, well-written content, the website has its own two-step sieving process; wherein first the managing editor views uit and selected posts are then informally sent to 3 other directors for review. Positive reviewed articles are then published. Differentiating factor with this website is that herein guest contributors are welcome to re-publish their write-ups elsewhere after articles have been available on ScienceBasedMedicine exclusively for one week. Authors retain copyright to their posts as well. For starters, you just need to mail your write-up to the editor (David Gorski), and they will get back in some time. Here are the guidelines.


DA: 42

PA: 36

Alexa Rank: 794,407 is a fitness blog aggregator platform for fitness enthusiasts, wherein write-ups based on workouts, wellbeing, trending health issues, nutritional information, amongst others are published. Its basic verticals include fitness, strength, health, nutrition, mind and motivation as well as fun and fit. The website also has a ’shop’ section to sell various health related products. The required word-length ranges from 800 to 3000 worded articles. You can check up on other requirements here.


DA: 62

PA: 64

Alexa Rank: 11,824

This wellness and health platform publishes several write-ups pertaining to general health as well as mental health domains. With success skills, relationships, mental health and finances also being its topics apart from the general lifestyle vertical; the platform boasts of more than 400,000 articles by more than 30,000 writers. You too could feature amongst them. For this, you will first have to register on their website here.


Alexa Rank: 21,488

This basically is a health website that welcomes write-ups categorized under the topics of health, nutrition, essential oils, beauty, fitness and recipes. It provides holistic health and fitness related information.  If these are the areas off your choice, you could connect with them health blogs Write for us.

9. Business Insider

DA: 87

PA: 58

If high readership is on your mind and you do not mind if your write-ups are published on a holistic platform, rather than an exclusive health and fitness related website; you could definitely try Business Insider. The website has very high viewership numbers (close to 350,000 viewers per month) and separate verticals for health under the science section and food under the life section. You could write to them at and read their requisite guidelines here.

10. HealthResource4U

DA: 38

PA: 52:

Alexa Rank: 159,603

It is a complete health and nutrition website that allows both guest posts as well as Paid writing options. Apart from the nutrition, diet, wellness, health and fitness topics; the website also publishes reviews of various health products available. They generally accept positive toned articles with more than 1000 words only. You could check out their guidelines here.

We sincerely hope that you get your choice of platform within the above curated list. 

Author Bio:

Andrea Laura is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers. Being writing as her hobby, Andrea has come out with many interesting topics and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up. Her content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs.

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