25th October 2019 to 2021 - Google Algorithm Update rolled out called BERT update

Google Finally rolled out its official update. The name is BERT. The Blog by Google about the BERT update is published at Published Oct 25, 2019. And most of the top brands in SEO are also wrote about it very nicely. Latest Google Search Liaison Tweet dated: Oct-20-2020: https://twitter.com/searchliaison/status/1318609607988703232 But in every Blog or YouTube Video in which all tried to tell the things but they are somehow not be able to clarify how the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update works.
SEO's and Client's got afraid whenever the update rolls out by Google. But it is not like that because updates are meant to make the search engine's results better and better. Not to decrease ranking and all the shitty stuff.

Explaining BERT Update (Google Algorithm Update)..!!

As we always try to keep as simple as we can. As we have explained the previous update 6th March Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update. BERT Update is all about search queries. Whatever we try to search in Google. The query or keyword shows the intent of what we want to do. It's a simple relation to the intent of the searching user. Means Google the Search Engine only wanted to know the User perspective with the short tail or long-tail query by applying the BERT technology. BERT's full form is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Keeping more simple. It works on the before and after search terms to understand the intent. For Example: Lets us assume I type in the Search Engine "What is SEO" So here BERT Algorithm with understanding my intent using the "What" and "is" Word. This means the bots or the language system which is designed by the Google Search Engine is simply based on the intent or purpose of my query. AS simple as that. So here I mention this is nothing to relate in keywords ranking dropping. Only if you are doing good SEO work. you can also read about What is SEO here. In the Google Blog, there is also talk about NLP - Natural Language Processing.

So what do we mean by Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

This is based on Artificial intelligence just to understand the way of user behaves in a particular language. So the BERT algorithm understands the query or keyword intent. Here is the NLP meaning by Wikipedia. Also, learn the BERT update by the Google Blog.