Google Adwords Campaign Goals? Types and Explanation

What are the Goals in Google Ads?

What is the main purpose of Goals in Campaign?

Here we are explaining all the Goals in Google Ads With its Ways to reach, Ads types we can run in Goals.
When we start a Campaign we see a window displaying the Goals which is the very first thing that we have to Choose.

What are the Goals in Google Adwords?
== In general, we can say the purpose of our ads. This can vary from one person to another who is going to run an ad.

Let’s take an example of myself. I have experienced in Digital Marketing, Website Development, etc.

I want to sell my services. I am going to run an ad for Leads. That means if I have a website I want someone lands to my site and call me on the number displayed on my website or fill up the Contact lead form (mean to say some action after visiting my website).

In another case, if I do not have a website I can run the Call ads. In this ad, an only phone number will be displayed on my ad. When someone clicks on the ads it shows my number to users dialing a phone pad. (NOTE; This will only work in the Mobile phone). In desktop, it will display your Phone number.

So, with an example, I just want to tell the purpose to choose.
In another case, if a have a website for Products (Shopping Products). Then my Campaign goal will be Sales.

All Adwords Goals are:
1. Sales
2. Leads
3. Website Traffic
4. Product and Brand Consideration
5. Brand Awareness And Reach
6. App Promotion
7. Create a Campaign without a goal’s guidance

1. Sales: Drive Sales directly on the website or an App. If you have a website of shopping you want to sale more and more products then your goal will be SALES. Another example of selling a service.
You may be a Doctor, Lawyer, real estate agent, Digital Marketer, Teacher or any other profession. For all this, you want to drive more users to buy your service.

2. Leads: The general purpose of the Leads is to complete a Signup page or complete an Email newsletter form. Just to take an email address or some other information like phone number, Address, etc.

This is the thing mainly done by creating a separate landing page so that users or customers directly go to the page and fill up the information.

In return for filling information, we offer some useful things to users. If we do not offer then maybe they will not fill.

3. Website Traffic: As the name suggests normally everyone got the point to drive more visitors.
Yes, you are right. But there is an important thing missing that I use when I run a campaign for my client.

The thing is “Right People“. That means land those persons who you think are the right fit to buy your product and only those people to visits your website or interested in your website or your products.

To identify – who are our customers – This is what we called the proper sense of your marketing.
This is the main thing if you know about your customer then your campaign will score well otherwise you will be in loss.

4. Product and Brand Consideration and
5. Brand Awareness and Reach

The above both are usually to let your users or Customers aware of your product or service. Means in a particular area — for example “john” is famous for delivering quality food.
So, this kind of situations matches with the Product or brand awareness.
In another case, you are going to place an event in your restaurant or any place. This will make your reach to the larger audience.

6. App Promotion: This type of goal is used only for the app. By starting the App promotion campaign your main goal is to increase the installs or interactions with your app.

7. Create a Campaign without a goal’s guidance: The last but not the least. Google provides the option us to avoid all the Goal options and start the campaign without any goal.

This campaign will work the same as your above goals campaign. The only difference is that there is on the signal to Google Adwords algorithm that we are not sure about Leads, Sales or Traffic.

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