How to Make it Easier for Your Customers to Find What They Are Looking for in Store


Large stores and small stores alike need to be easy to navigate. Drawing customers in and having them wander through the store until they spot what they want is all well and good, so long as those who are in a rush and are only there for a specific item can also find that item without too much frustration. 

Improve the Layout of Your Store 

The layout of your store will depend on the size and scope. A large hardware store, for example, should be laid out by theme. All plumbing and bathroom items should be in one section, all outdoor items in another section, and so on. Even with each of these areas, there should be a simple flow. All pipes should be in one location, all sink in another. 

Smaller stores can diversify their stock to encourage customers to look through, but you need to know your market. If people are there for pleasure shopping rather than orientated shopping, you will instead want to focus on the flow of the space. Make sure that customers have room to slowly shop through and peruse, otherwise you won’t enjoy the benefits. 

Improve Signage 

Having a better layout and shopping experience is great, but you also want to make it easy to navigate your store using signs. Large stores and warehouses need to utilize their vertical space with wide format and large signage that clearly outlines which departments are where from the moment that customers enter the store. Within the aisles, lower down or even attached to the shelves themselves, should be smaller signs that outline exactly what is in an aisle and where. This way, you can define where paints are, where wood stains are, and so on. 

Don’t forget to think about branding and marketing as well when planning your signs. Flags outside your store can help make it easy to spot from the road. This way, those in your area know exactly where to go when they need a hardware store long before they have to search online. 

Always choose the highest quality materials for your signs, and to benefit from bulk orders and to get all of your sign needs filled at once, you will want to look for a supplier like Soyang Europe. This supplier offers digitally printable media for many industries, including wide format, flag, and retail signs. 

Have a Directory 

Large stores benefit from having a directory. This can be a computer terminal or online web page that allows customers to search for the item or type of item that they are looking for. Once selected, they should be given a spot on the map where the item is. To enrich this service, offer the option to have that item ready for pickup. They select the item that they need, your team puts that item by the customer service desk, and the customer arrives to buy it easily without having to hunt through the store. 

Ikea and other large warehouse-based businesses that are open to the public offer these services with great success. It allows those who need fast service to get what they need while the rest of the tips make it easy for store shoppers to orientate themselves and find what they were looking for, and more.

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