Best 8 Professional Food Plating Tips From Chefs


Many people think about whether the food plating and presentation matters or not. The answer to this is yes, it matters a lot. The way you present your food tempts people to try the food you cook. 

Guests first eat with their eyes and so, along with the taste, it is very important to pay proper attention to the look of the food. Creative plating can effectively enhance the look, as well as, the flavor of your food.

Due to this reason, the chefs should always focus on mastering the essentials of food plating.

Food presentation is considered to be a skill that must be mastered. The tiniest things matter a lot for winning the hearts of your customers specifically when it comes to food.

You would be able to find many of the chef middle east Dubai who are already well-versed with this technique.

Also, below are mentioned some of the best professional food plating tips from the chefs which you should know about.

1. Creating A Framework

First of all, you should focus on starting with sketches and drawings for visualizing the plate. In this regard, you can find inspiration from an object or picture. Also, you can bring together a practice plate for the proper execution of your vision.

Before trying your hands on the actual plating, you should start conceptualizing your presentation ideas and plating.

2. Keeping It Simple

Your focus should be on simple plating. Complex plating does not look good. So, all that you need is to choose a single ingredient to focus on when it comes to plating.

Another important thing is to leave sufficient space for keeping the presentation as simple as possible. If you do not leave enough space, then your dish might look confusing for the diners.

So, your goal, as a chef is to avoid overcrowded plates. If you are looking for a professional chef for your business, then you can opt for the services related to headhunters Dubai who will help to find one.

3. Balancing The Dish

Again, you should keep in your mind that plating is not only about decoration. So, both the taste and decoration of the dish should be equally good i.e. balancing the dish is very important. You should focus on experimenting with textures and flavors.

Another important thing that you should keep in your mind is that sauces are better served on the sides than directly on the food.

If you fail to do so, then your dish can get soggy. Playing with shapes and colors is also very important and you should combine them well.

But, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the presentation should never overpower function and flavor. A dish can look cluttered with too many unnecessary ingredients.

4. Highlighting The Key Ingredient

Many of the chef middle east Dubai knows the importance of highlighting the key ingredient while plating.

So, you should make sure that the main ingredient stands out. Other than that, you should also pay equal attention to the other plate ingredients like sauces, garnishes, etc.

5. Colour Is The King

Colour plays a very important role in plating. In this regard, you should select a color that will effectively complement your dish. White dish wares are very popular as it contributes to providing high contrast for colorful creations.

Other than that, red, black, blue, and yellow plates also look great when paired with the right food.

In this age of social media, people love to capture and share on social media. So, you should provide them colorful food arrangements which can elevate even the most ordinary food ingredients that you are serving.

6. Creating With Sauces

The way you serve your sauces also matters a lot. Along with creating an additional layer of depth and flavor, sauces are also used for decorative purposes. They act as a visual element that ties all the other elements together.

So, you can either create dots on the side of plates with sauce or lightly pour or drizzle on the plate. Other than that, you can draw lines that run through diverse elements of the dish.

7. Using The Right Equipment

The equipment is another important consideration that you should keep in mind. Some of the most common tools that you can use for shaping, molding, and cutting are round cutters, melon baller, vegetable peeler, fluted knife, peeling knife, metal spatula, pastry bag, egg slicer, and round cutters.

8. Getting The Right Portion Size

It is very important to make sure that there is the exact quantity of ingredients i.e. the plate should effectively complement the dish. So, you should add the correct proportion of vegetables, carbohydrates, as well as protein for the creation of a nutritionally balanced dish.

A classic plating practice generally uses 3 fundamental food items i.e. vegetables, starch as well as the main in a detailed arrangement.

In this regard, you can consider the plate as the face of a clock. So, by making use of the clock analogy, you need to arrange individual food items like this:

·  Main: Between 3 – 9 O'clock

·  Starch: Between 9 – 11 O'clock

·  Vegetables: Between 11 – 3 O'clock

Final Words

So, the above-discussed ones are some of the professional food plating tips from the chefs. If you want to hire a professional chef for your business, then you can opt for services related to headhunters Dubai.

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