5 Contributing Factors to Make a Perfect Footwear Choice


When looking for a pair of shoes, heels, slippers or flip-flops, the biggest and most important concern you should have is comfort. To achieve good looking feet, you need to buy proper footwear that fits your personality and outfit. 

But most of the time you go shopping for footwear, you wouldn't carry all your dresses to the store right. In general, if you want to look for style, comfort and quality, you must choose to trust popular brands like Frankie 4, Los Cabos, Propet, Panda Slippers and many others that are commonly popular in Australia. 

Certain factors must always influence the customer's choice when searching for the right footwear. This post covers these contributing factors so that you do not face any difficulties in the future to pick a good pair of shoes, heels, flats or any other footwear. 

1. The Fit of the Footwear

Each person has a different foot size and shape. The best way to pick footwear is to measure your foot size. Even if it is a matter of a few centimetres, it is a big deal. Each brand has a different size; therefore, you might have to pick different footwear sizes in other brands. If the footwear is too loose or too tight, you will end up hurting your skin. 

Remember that your feet grow as you age, so do not live in the misconception the foot size that used to fit you six months ago would remain the same today. 

2. Always Buy the Footwear in the Second Half of the Day

 When you walk or work throughout the day, your feet tend to swell up a little bit. It would allow you to address your problems with the shopkeeper. If you have a specific foot problem like arched feet or corn, you can look for shoes with a soft sole or even look for brands that can offer you tailor-made solutions. 

3. Buy a Shoe Depending on Your Foot Shape

If you have observed, your feet have a slight arch right in the middle, which gives your feet a proper shape to balance your weight. However, many people have flat feet, and therefore, such people are recommended to buy shoes that can provide them with the shape of an arch to support their feet. 

4. The Patter or the Style

Some of you might enjoy wearing sneakers throughout the day, while others are comfortable wearing a pair of heels. It entirely depends on the individual to figure out what footwear pattern or style they are comfortable wearing. Some have broader toes, while some have tiny toes. As compared to pointed or square toe boxes, your feet can get more space to breathe in a round-shaped toe box. 

5. Always Wear and Check Both Shoes

Did you know that humans have one foot smaller than the other? Therefore, it is true that you must wear footwear on both feet and buy the one that fits your larger foot. 

Frankie 4, Los Cabos, Propet, Panda Slippers are some commonly known brands in Australia that can offer you excellent quality footwear. Just make sure you don't forget their points so that you never select the wrong product.

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