NEBOSH IG1 Open Book Exam: Sample Questions & Answers


NEBOSH conducted its inaugural open-book examination for Nebosh Certification, allowing candidates sufficient time to complete their responses within a 24-hour timeframe. The exam consisted of scenario-based questions presented in a paragraph format, requiring candidates to understand the concepts and questions in order to provide a strong and effective response.  

However, you must indicate in the answer sheet where you found the answer when using books or the internet as a resource. In this blog, we will see May 2023 NEBOSH Open Book Examinations Question Papers and Solutions. 

Table of Content 

  • What is NEBOSH Open Book Exam? 
  • Understanding and responding to the Question 
  • NG1 Open Book Examination Day 
  • Closing interviews 
  • Conclusion 

What is NEBOSH Open Book Exam? 

NEBOSH Online Open Book Examination can be completed using a digital media (PC, laptop, or other smart devices) in the privacy of your own comfortable location, free from interruptions. The candidate can utilise their textbook, course provider notes, and the internet as resources to learn how to comprehend the question, deliver the best response to the scenario or question, and finish the exam in the allotted time. 

Copying and pasting text from any source will result in exam failure. The NEBOSH Open Book Examination's main objective is to assess the candidate's proficiency in utilising workplace health and safety. 

Understanding and responding to the Question 

  • Read the scenario and become familiar with the information. 
  • After reading it again, underline or highlight the scenario's important points. 
  • Be aware that there is a 10%-word allowance and that the total word count for the paper is 3,000. Practice allocating the word count in accordance with the total number of marks available across all assignments; for example, if a question's answer is worth more points, you should allocate a higher word count than the questions with lower point values. 
  • Start your response with a few essential words to assist in framing it. For example, if you're making a moral case, you might use the phrase "effects of an accident, injury, and ill health." 
  • Return to your conversation and relate it to the scenario's important themes; do not verbatim repeat the scenario. 
  • Do not copy and paste solutions from online resources or textbooks. Your own words must be used in each response.  

NG1 Open Book Examination Day 

Use the 24 hours you have to finish the exam wisely. It could be simpler to write your answers using publishing software like Word because it makes sure that any problems with your internet connection won't cause you to lose work and makes it simple to monitor the word count. 

Make sure to cite any quotes or remarks that you use that were taken directly from your course materials or online sources in order to avoid plagiarism. At the conclusion of your essay, include references. We advise you to limit your use of references because the majority of your responses ought to be in your own words. 

When it comes to uploading and submitting your answers, follow all the guidelines. Up to the exam deadline, you can update, modify, or replace your submission at any time; after that, the option won't be available. 

Closing interviews 

After completing the NG1 open book exam, closing interviews will be conducted to provide feedback and evaluate the performance of the exam taker. This is an important step in the exam, as it helps to ensure that the exam is fair and accurately assesses the knowledge and skills of the exam taker. 

The examiner will go through the test findings with the test taker during the final interview. They will offer advice on how to improve moving forward as well as feedback on their performance, highlighting both their strengths and weaknesses. The examiner could also request feedback on the test itself, such as the level of difficulty or the clarity of the questions. The final interview provides the test-taker with the chance to ask the questions they may have regarding the test or the results. This will make sure the test-taker has a clear grasp of their performance and will help to clear up any uncertainty or misunderstandings concerning the exam.  

In general, the closing interview that takes place after the NG1 open book exam is a crucial component of the exam procedure. It gives both the test-taker and the examiner a chance to think back on the exam experience and make sure the test is a fair and accurate representation of the test-taker's knowledge and abilities. 


In conclusion, the NEBOSH IG1 Open Book Exam is a unique and innovative approach to testing candidates' knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace. With the ability to use resources such as textbooks and the internet, candidates have the opportunity to showcase their ability to comprehend real-life scenarios and provide effective responses. However, it is important to note that copying and pasting answers from any source is strictly prohibited, and all answers must be in the candidate's own words. The closing interview that takes place after the exam is an important step in ensuring that the exam is fair and accurately assesses the candidate's knowledge and skills.