Enterprise SEO Strategies for A Company’s Optimal Digital Growth


With improving organic search rankings being one of the topmost priorities among marketers, enterprise SEO has become one of the strongest pillars of digital marketing. Refreshing a typical business website is simple enough. But, if the company wants it to compete with the enormous enterprise sites and reach its optimal audience, then it is a different ballgame.

With the advancement in algorithms and the introduction of ML or machine learning, SEO has undergone numerous developments through the years and is becoming harder and harder to perfect. The Australian government has recently released reports on regulating SEO on digital platforms dominated by multi-corporation digital platforms like Google and Facebook.

What Is It, and How is it Different?

Enterprise SEO is similar to other forms of SEO with its goal to attract traffic by ranking high-value keyword content. It helps companies reach more clients and customers through voice search, outreach, featured snippets, progressive web apps and more.

However, it focuses on working backwards from building content to authority. Enterprises, through their backlinks and quality content, provide a space for authority and brand recognition. Many enterprise websites also experience algorithmic penalties and declined crawl rates due to their technical issues.

Whether a company is planning to completely own the search results for keywords for their products or break into new markets with their product launches, they need to overcome the challenges of enterprise-based SEO and incorporate new techniques into their strategies mentioned below.

SEO Strategies for Growth

Boost the Rankings of Keywords Within Aiming Distance

Target the keywords in positions 11 to 20 as they are low hanging fruit in the striking distance. Getting them to the top 10 will help improve the performance of the traffic. The benefits of doing this are its simplicity, increased incremental traffic, better visibility and a potential increase in conversions. The process of finding keywords present in the striking distance is simple.

One must enter their domain name in the Ahrefs or other similar SEO tools and search for the organic keywords flagged between 11 and 20 to filter them out. Optimize the content, title, building links and social endorsements to achieve the same. A better way to achieve this is by consulting agencies like True in Sydney.

Elevate the Architecture of the Site

For any search engine like Google to rank a website on top, it must locate it first. It must access, crawl, render and index the pages of the website according to the search words. This is where companies must consider the crawl budget or the predetermined number of requests a crawler will supply for the assets on a website. To reach the allocated crawl budget, companies must build a well-thought-out site where all the content is within the reach of the search engine. SEO agencies achieve this by creating an internal linking strategy to ensure the complete indexation of the website.

Conducting Competitive Research

One of the most effective strategies companies can use to win SEO is observing and keeping track of the competitor websites. When it comes to marketing, it is not just about capturing the customers but also about standing out among hundreds of competitors in the industry. Keeping a keen eye on the competitor’s websites and performance shows the phrases that drive their success and the things that the company is missing out on. 

Additionally, enterprise SEO also helps build opportunities to outrank the competitors. Analysing the competitor websites, algorithms, strategies, and keywords will help the businesses understand how the customers look for information and what connects with them. It will also help them identify potential gaps and create initiatives that will help them dominate specific areas that the competitors aren’t targeting.

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