4 Ways A Data Analytics Certification Can Improve Your Career Prospects


Big data, big tech, and big bucks. A data analytics certification can be a big bonus for many employers, and people who take the certification can expect their careers to benefit from it too.

Working in Analytics

Analytics and data are beginning to play a huge role in shaping businesses of all sizes, as more companies wake up to the fact that working with data in the right way can improve their return on investment and help them make better decisions in the future.

The Boston College Data Analytics Certification program has a long history of helping graduates to get into lucrative careers, including careers in educational services, hospitals and healthcare, manufacturing, scientific fields, tech services, and many more. As businesses' call to invest in analytics and data grows, so does the need for well-educated professionals who can fill those roles.

Here are four ways a data analytics certification can boost your career prospects and lead you to better roles throughout your life.

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Well Paid Careers

Roles such as data analysts, business intelligence analysts, and data visualizers are in hot demand right now, and there is a good reason for it too. The more businesses understand about their clients and customers (and what makes them tick), the more chance they have of turning a larger profit. There are certain Data Analytics Courses, which make you understand the concepts of analytics and use them in real-world applications.

This is great for you because it means businesses are willing to pay higher salaries for people who have demonstrable experience and qualifications in these areas, and that is exactly what a data analytics certification on your resume will show.

Continuing Education Looks Good on A Resume

For any employer, seeing that a potential employee is invested in their career is a huge bonus; it means they are keeping up with the current trends and improving their knowledge while still working hard at their job.

The benefit here for you is that your job prospects will open up when you can demonstrate that you have taken your education seriously, no matter what position you are in in your career, and employers love to see this passion for self-improvement and commitment.

Any Industry Wants You

There are few qualifications that are so transferable that practically any industry can use your skills, but data analytics is one of them.

As more businesses wake up because they need people who can understand the data, more industries are looking for professionals to join them. 

That means you could be working in all kinds of varied fields, depending on your own personal interests and passions.

Cheaper Than College

As well as being a versatile qualification, the Data Analytics certification is cheaper than a college degree, and it takes less time to complete, putting you at a distinct advantage over your peers.

Added to this that many students will take this certification while working already means that you could be earning and learning at the same time, a huge bonus to anyone concerned about financing a full degree program.

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