Experts Reveal Dark Under-eye Correction Secrets


Most people think having unsightly dark circles under the eyes is not a serious health problem. But if the puffiness and discoloration get worse, it can make you feel more self-conscious. Putting on concealers is no longer enough. If it makes you feel bad about your appearance, looking for the best eye serum for dark circles could be the best solution. 

Seeking the help of dermatologists could be an ideal way to address dark under eyes. These professionals know what to do to get right of the problem. Here are some of the best tips that skincare experts share to permanently eliminate the unsightly marks under the eyes. 

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes? 

If you ask your dermatologist why you have puffy, dark under eyes, they would tell you that you probably got it from lack of adequate sleep or oversleeping, too much alcohol consumption, dehydration, or from an unhealthy diet. But aside from these lifestyle factors, your genes can also affect your eyes’ appearance. 

Eye dryness and allergic reactions may also trigger the appearance of dark circles. Meanwhile, excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful and destructive UV rays can also cause extra melanin production, leading to over pigmentation in the skin under the eyes. In addition, ageing can also cause dark under the eyes due to the weakening of the tissues in the eye area. 

How to Treat Dark Under-Eyes?   

Most skin experts believe that the best and most effective way to eliminate the dark under-eye circles is by combining cosmetic treatments, investing in high-quality skincare lines, and making healthier life choices. 

Doctors would recommend treatments like chemical peels or Botox. But these procedures can be more effective when combined with the best eye serum for dark circles. 

What Should You Look For in Eye Cosmetics?

Skincare products and over-the-counter eye creams could be your best choice for removing dark under-eye circles without resorting to cosmetic procedures. But to ensure that it will work properly, you must look for a product made with expert-approved ingredients. 

Some of the most important eye product ingredients include: 

Hyaluronic Acid 

This ingredient works by plumping up and hydrating the skin. With continuous use, it can help you achieve a naturally radiant and youthful glow through skin brightening. It can also cover up the dark skin under the eyes. 


It is a form of vitamin A by-product and considered an over-the-counter alternative to prescription retinoids. This ingredient works by preventing wrinkles and fine lines from forming using cell turnover promotion in the skin. 

Topical retinol and other active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid are made to treat the delicate skin around the eyelids while enhancing the skin’s colour and texture. Therefore, you need to find this ingredient in your next eye serum product if you want to correct the discolouration and smoothen problem areas. 

Vitamin C and Polyphenols 

The skin needs protection from environmental pollutants, so it is necessary to look for eye serums with Vitamin C and polyphenols. These ingredients also help lessen oxidative stress caused by external factors like dirt, dust, smog, and other impurities.

Finding the best treatments for under-eye dark circles can help restore your confidence and self-esteem. It will also help you feel happier and less conscious about your looks. But if you want to lighten this part of your face, listening to the advice of the experts should be your number one priority. 

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