Culture And Diversification

Culture And Diversification

We live in a country which has the highest culture diversification in the world. Every part of our country brings us new culture and new ways of celebrating the festivals and everything.

In India it has been said that we have the most speaking languages in our country and we celebrate most of the religions.

In our blog let us study our culture and its diversification.


Culture is being defined as an art, behavior, religion, language and way a person believes and lives in the society.

It is basically an idea or customs people follow in a particular group or society.

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Types of Culture:-

In India we have Twelve different type of cultures which are as follows:-

  • Greetings: Every country has their own style of greeting their guests, friends and family but In India we can see diversified ways for greetings in different states in different styles. Most of the people In India welcome their guests by saying “Namaste” but there are many more acquainted with different states.

Let us discuss few of them here which are as follows:-

  • Rajasthan: In Rajasthan people prefer saying ``Radhey Radhey '', “Jai shree Krishna '' and the most favorite of Rajasthan in marwari is “ Khamma ghani”.
  • Maharashtra: In Mumbai people greet people by saying “Namaskar”, “Kasa kay dada” mostly.
  • Delhi: Delhi also follows the basic Hindi Indian style of greeting which is “Namaste” , “Pranam” and so on.
  • Punjab: In Punjab people prefer greeting by saying “Sat sri akaal”.
  • Gujrat: In Gujarat they speak “Kem choo”.
  • Bengal: In Bengal they speak “shovo shukal”.

Therefore, every state has their own style of greetings.

  • Festival and religions: Every state celebrates different styles of festivals and in a different manner and follows various religions.
  • Family structure: In India there are different styles of family structure. Some have joint families, Hindu undivided families, Nuclear families and so on.
  • Symbols: People in India follow various symbols like putting fasts on karwa chauth and so on.
  • Religious Customs: Various Religious customs have been followed in our country such as celebrating various festivals as per different religions and so on.
  • Architecture: We can find diversification of architecture in India as there are different monuments and temples in India each having a different style of Architecture.
  • Marriage: In our country every religion has a different style of marriage. Some follow the process of satapada, some follow others.
  • Religious Symbols: There are different religious symbols in India and each has been worshiped by people belonging to different communities and cultures.
  • Dances: It has been seen that in our country there are many dance forms which have been performed in every state and have their own dance form.
  • Languages: India is the only country where in one single country multiple languages have been used.
  • Cuisines: Every state in our country has its own style of speciality and dishes.
  • Clothing: We have different clothing in our country in every state.