How to Create a Page Template in WordPress?


Page templates are a specific type of template file that can be used for one or more pages.

some of the main features for page templates are listed below, Have a look :

  • that are only apply to pages, not to posts or custom posts
  • that are used to change the look or design the new page
  • if we set the name to our template, that will make easy to set the page for our specific page

To create a page template

Just copy and paste the below code into your PHP file

Here is Full Width Page is your new template name. you can change as per your requirements.

* Template Name: Full Width Page
* @package WordPress
* @subpackage Twenty_Fourteen
* @since Twenty Fourteen 1.0

suppose you have created the template for home page then,

you can save this file with the name like template-home.php, or you can use home.php. it's all up to you.

And to select fro admin.

Go to pages--->> Add New page

Select your new created template.

See Screenshot

how to create a Page template in wordpress.?

That's it.... your new template is started. you can add your own Html, Design here in PHP file.

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