COVID 19 Disrupts Tech Industry: Solution For IT Companies


Everything has come to a halt due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic across the world. This dreadful disease has not just killed thousands of people around the globe but has also affected the natural workflow of every industry. Social distancing, and quarantine being the only possible measures and precautions to stop the disease from spreading, has to lead to a complete halt of the tech industry.

This has become a major concern as coronavirus has disrupted the world economy. Things do not seem good for such industries as there does not exist a solid vaccination for this disease yet. 

What started as a viral outbreak in the Wuhan province in china has now consumed the world in fear.

Most of the businesses being shut down, production came to a halt, even the IT outsourcing company in India has decided to limit their business plans or even postponed them to near the future, which does not seem too promising. Almost every major tech event has been cancelled, for the safety of people.

This has caused issued for the IT industry which requires collaboration, for effective development fo software, and providing other services. However, COVID-19 is a dangerous virus and must not be taken lightly. We should come together as a whole and look for alternative ways forwards for the IT companies.  

So, here is some standard solution for the IT companies to function properly in this pandemic and support their business. 

Work From Home 

Work from home has become inevitable, in such a situation. However like they say the show must go on, and there is a penalty of work left to do for the IT professionals. IT industry acts as a backbone for almost every other industry, and if this industry goes down then the world could really face serious danger.

Just consider a situation without proper communication and data processing. Well, that is not something we would want, so every IT professional needs to provide support in whatever way can, all at the same time taking precautionary measures. 

Like mentioned before a lot of IT companies are encouraging work from home. It is a great initiative and probably the safest way to work in this pandemic. So it would be better to let your employees work from home rather than completely going out of business. 


Well, a lot of businesses have the option of exploring outsource resources. As a lot of IT, professionals would be out free due to the pandemic and looking for work. So hiring offshore IT resources might be a good idea, as this can provide you with market insights and also help you complete your work in case you are understaffed. So we would recommend, small businesses and other companies to out this option.

Digital Ways of Operating 

Well, it might not be possible to gather at a place and discuss further business strategy due to COVID 19. However, such a thing should not affect your workflow as in this modern world you don’t really need to be physically present at a place to discuss things.

There are a lot of other communication options, which can help you out with this. For instance, Zoom, Impart us, etc. Apart from that we also have a regular phone to phone connectivity. 

Supply Chain Management 

This is one of the areas most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. It has become nearly impossible to main the supply chain for businesses. Well, this is inevitable as production has come to a halt. The world as of now is completely running on the mercy of stored supplies.

However, a positive side of the IT industry, in this case, is that it does not require any sort of specific supply chain in order to function smoothly.

All this industry requires is the maintenance of servers and machines, which are not that difficult. Apart from that, the IT industry can help out with their rapid modelling systems to determine, for how long the supplies are going to last without production. 

Establish Management 

One of the most important things to smoothly function in this pandemic is proper management. So before anything else, you need to make sure that there is proper management in your company. Without proper order and management, the whole system is going to fall apart.