Coronavirus Tally past 2000 in Punjab

The fear is intensifying, the cases are on the peak, and so does the death toll, amid COVID-19, the health status of the nation is at stake. It's been two months since, the whole nation is under lockdown, and the situation, in certain places, is not seen to be in control. Where some states succeeded in curbing the spread of Coronavirus, others are still dealing with the daily threat and rising infected cases. One of the states that are severely affected by the COVID-19 is Punjab and confirmed 2000 plus cases in National Punjabi news today.

With 22 more cases added to the confirmed cases list today in Punjab, the state crossed the 2000 mark. Besides, a man of 65 years died in Pathankot, which took the death toll in the state to 38. On Tuesday, Ludhiana reported a massive spike in cases, accounting for 19 out of 22 new cases in Punjab. The rest two cases came from Patiala and Gurdaspur, respectively. Out of 19 cases, 10 cases in Ludhiana came from the same place at Borstal jail, which is a special quarantine jail. Among the 10 confirmed cases, 8 are jail inmates and two ward attendants.

About 95 people were discharged from different hospitals at Pathankot, Jalandhar, Fazilka, Sangrur, and Tarn Taran after being recovered from Coronavirus. As per the National Punjabi news, the total number of cured cases in Punjab rises to 1642. And the rest are under observation, one patient is critical and on a ventilator.

May has been a tough month for the whole nation, especially Punjab as 75% of cases in the state this month only. About eight districts in Punjab have over 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19. These districts include Ludhiana, Gurdaspur, SAS Nagar, Jalandhar, SBS Nagar, Patiala, Tarn Taran, and Amritsar. If combined, these districts cross a total of 63% of confirmed cases in the state, said a health official. Of the fresh cases of Coronavirus, six cases were reported in Amritsar, followed by many more in various districts. The district-wise breakup of the state’s COVID-19 cases is as follows:

DistrictConfirmed Cases
Amritsar305 Cases
Jalandhar209 Cases
Ludhiana169 Cases
Tarn Taran155 Cases
Gurdaspur124 Cases
SBS Nagar105 Cases
Patiala103 Cases
SAS Nagar102 Cases
Hoshiarpur95 Cases
Sangrur88 Cases
Muktsar65 Cases
Faridkot61 Cases
Ropar60 Cases
Moga59 Cases
Fatehgarh Sahib56 Cases
Ferozepur44 Cases
Fazilka44 Cases
Bathinda41 Cases
Mansa32 Cases
Pathankot29 Cases
Kapurthala33 Cases
Barnala21 Cases

Health Department in Punjab Issued Advisory on the cleaning of Mobile Phones.

With the rise in cases of COVID-19 in Punjab, the health officials are tense and do not want to take any chances to curb the spread of the virus. As an advice, the Health department in the state suggested people to use speaker mode and clean the mobile phones using alcohol-based wipes.

The notice also stated that there is evidence that the virus survived on the surface for a longer period and was easily inactivated by disinfectant. Keeping this in mind, we must clean our phones and other items we use properly.

The department further said reception counters, doorknobs, toilets, keyboard, mouse, tablets, bathroom fixtures, tabletops, bedside tables, and phones are some of the most touched surfaces which need to be cleaned regularly.

During these challenging times, maintenance of hygiene- hygiene of the work equipment, Hand hygiene, hygiene of the workplaces, refraining from touching mouth/face have been recommended as an aid of infection control in all the guidelines are published in National Punjabi News which is issued by the state.

The health department also delved into the guidelines in detail stating how to disinfect the equipment and workplaces. Besides, how to maintain the workplace and personal hygiene is recommended by the state.

They have decided to come up with a detailed and exclusive advisory, on the cleaning of often touched surfaces and mobile phones. These things can come directly in touch with your face, during its usage, and can be a potential source to spread the infection of the virus. If hands and surfaces are properly cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectant then we will be able to fight the COVID-19 more easily.