Commercial Applications And Uses Of Carbon Fiber In Different Industries

There are several attractive uses of carbon fiber composites. The latest technology used in manufacturing the carbon fiber has helped in enhancing its uses in several industries. Be its racing cars, interior decorations or designing of orthopedics items, carbon fiber composites are getting used heavily in multiple sectors of the economy.

Some of its best and practical uses are here below on the list.

Industrial Robotics And Automation:

Industrial robotics and automation is that sector of the industry that has recently recognized the advantages of using carbon fibre composites in their product designing. Carbon fibre has the ability to increase structural stiffness and also helps in reducing the weight of various products. This feature of carbon fibre helps in improving productivity.

In the field of automation, machines usually run for long hours. So, when the heavy metals in the machines get replaced with carbon fiber, the fabrication time gets reduced resulting in increased profitability.

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Several reputed manufacturers today offer the services of machining carbon fiber sheets. These sheets have enhanced uses in the robotic world. You can layer-up the sheets in various dimensions to meet the requirements of the customers in designing customized commercial robots. The payload and performance of the robots also get improved with the use of carbon fiber.

Drones And UAVs:

Carbon fiber sheets are the perfect materials that get used in designing professional drones.

Moreover, you also get carbon fiber materials in braided, angular and roll-wrapped tube forms which are also great in making drones. The frames of multi-rotor helicopters that get designed using modular carbon fiber look absolutely stunning. You get unique kits of carbon fiber material that make the framing of drones and UAVs quite cost-effective.

Idler Rollers Using Carbon Fiber:

The carbon fiber tubes that are available in the market are perfect for making idler rollers. The industries that make use of both standard tubes and the ultra-high modulus tubes in designing idler rollers.

These tubes prove to be sturdy as compared to steel while keeping the weights of products easy to handle.

Carbon Fiber For Aircraft And Marine Interiors:

Are you looking for custom fabrication of your luxurious aircraft and yacht? Using carbon fiber composites for designing their interiors is the best choice. Be it for individuals, government client or corporative sectors, designing aircraft and marine interiors using carbon fiber sheets can be beneficial for all.

The high-tech distinctiveness and weight reduction feature that gets added to the carbon fiber designed aircraft or yacht make them ideal for daily uses.

Moreover, using carbon fiber, the manufacturers of aircraft can save huge amounts of money. By saving these extra pounds, you can utilize them in enhancing the efficiency of the vehicle. Balance and weight are important factors in designing yachts. Using carbon fiber in this regard can be quite beneficial and effective.

Electronic Enclosures Using Carbon Fiber:

Electronic Enclosures Using Carbon Fiber:

Designing a lightweight electronic enclosure using carbon fiber offers huge benefits to the users. The main reason is that customers today prefer using lighter things rather than heavy ones. Moreover, carbon fiber enclosures have enhanced natural frequency as compared to the other metals. The material is quite tolerant to temperature changes, unlike steel or plastic. Users also do not face any thermal issues by using electronic enclosures made of carbon fiber.

Aerospace Manufacturing And Tooling Fixtures:

The production tools of aircraft are quite large. The biggest challenge with these tools is their heaviness. They are extremely difficult to move. The use of carbon fiber reduces the weights of the tools by almost 50% and even more.

So, manufacturers of the aerospace industries today prefer using carbon fiber sheets in their production process rather than steel and aluminum fixtures and tools. When tools are lighter to handle, the work efficiency increases even more.

Radar Structures:

Radar structures are quite important for military purposes. Today, carbon fiber gets used in designing these composite structures. The radar structures require frequent moving from one place to another and even have to be carried to various remote locations for emergency uses. Carbon fiber makes these structures quite light to handle. The radar systems that get mounted on vehicles and aircraft also benefit from the lightweight of the structure.

Carbon Fiber Corporate Gifts And Luxury Items:

Manufacturers involved in machining carbon fibre sheets offer different varieties of composites that get applied in making various types of executive and corporate gift items. Custom trophies, awards, medals, etc. get designed using carbon fibre sheets.

The use of the material in designing the above items deliver them classy and high-tech looks. Your corporate gift of carbon fibre is sure to stand out as compared to the other products.

Musical Instruments:

Strips of carbon fiber also have enhanced applications in designing musical instruments. The high strength of the material supports excellent bonding with cyanoacrylate adhesives and epoxy. Most of the new-gen instruments get made using strips of carbon fiber owing to the low mass feature that they have. The neck reinforcement of stringed instruments becomes excellent using carbon fiber. It helps in reducing twisting and offers more stability to the neck.

Carbon Fiber For Interior Design And Trade Shows:

The use of carbon fiber in designing trade show booths is increasing at a rapid speed. The high-tech carbon composites are also ideal for interior design. You are sure to get high-end and impressive interiors for trade show booths and other commercial purposes using carbon fiber.

Furniture Made Using Carbon Fiber:

The furniture makers are also using sheets of carbon fiber these days for their durability, lightweight, and appearance.

Customers prefer using flexible and easy-to-handle furniture these days rather than the heavy ones. The light furniture used for household and official purposes are particularly helpful when people plan for relocation. Moreover, the furniture made using carbon fibre has high-tech and classy looks.

Scientific And Metrology Equipment:

Carbon fiber composites are no doubt the best choice of materials when it comes to scientific and metrology equipment designing. The low thermal expansion and high stability features make carbon fiber perfect for making such instruments.

Massive temperature changes are quite obvious in making these instruments. Other metals react heavily to thermal changes and are thus unsuitable for the metrology field. So, be it any complex project, carbon fiber with its amazing features can ease the entire manufacturing process.