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What are the file structure in wordpress.

Following are main files which used in wordpress index.php :- for index page. search.php :- For display the search result page. single.php :- for single post page. page.php...

How to run database Query in WordPress?

$wpdb->query("select * from $wpdb->posts where ID>10 ");

List most commonly functions used in wordpress?

wp_nav_menu() :- Displays a navigation menu. is_page() :- to check if this is page OR NOT, will return boolean value. get_the_excerpt() :- Copy the excerpt of the post into a...

How to display custom field in wordpress?

echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'keyName', true);

How many tables a default WordPress will have?

there are 11 tables in WordPress which are used and automatically installed when WordPress is installed. wp_commentmeta wp_comments wp_links wp_options wp_postmeta wp_pos...

How to hide the top admin bar at the frontend in WordPress?

There are two ways to do so: 1. GO to Admin panel -->> On the left side find the menu name USERS -->> CLICK ON YOUR PROFILE MENU. Here you can see the Checkbox option to the...

How you can disable the WordPress comment?

If you go on the dashboard under options-discussion there is a comment “ Allow people to post a comment” try unchecking the comment.

What are the steps you can take if your WordPress file is hacked?

Install security plug-ins like WP securityRe-install the latest version of WordPressChange password and user-ids for all your usersCheck your themes and plug-ins are up to date

How to secure your wordpress website?

Install security plug-ins like WP security Change password of super admin OR other admin Add security level checks at server level like folder/file permission.

What are positive aspects of wordpress?

Easy to install and upgrade the wordpress In-built SEO engine and you can manage the URL and meta data as per your requirement. Easy to themes and plugins Multilingual availa...
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