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How to Hide remove disable Add to cart button in woocommerce ?

There is more than ONE way to hide/remove the ‘Add to Cart’ button in WooCommerce. It is after all a button, so you can hide it via CSS, JS or PHP. Here’s the code for the same:  ...

What are different Modules of Magento?

Core Modules Community Modules Commercial Modules

Woocommerce remove tab from product page.

Sometime we do not need to show all product tabs on single page. It is very simple to remove product tab by using woocommerce product tab filter woocommerce_product_tabs. You...

Can wordPress use cookies?

Yes, wordpress use cookies.WordPress uses cookies, or tiny pieces of information stored on your computer, to verify who you are. There are cookies for logged in users.

How safe is website on WordPress?

The word press is safe to operate but still it is suggested to keep updating with the latest version of WordPress to avoid hacking.

How do you load classes in PHP?

Review the "autoload" and "spl_autoload_register" function (note:you should use the later). The autoload function basically triggers a function when a class is instantiated, you c...

How to create Custom Taxonomy specific to a Custom Post type?

First of all, if you want to show taxonomy meta box only to custom post type then register the taxonomy to only that custom post type by passing the custom post type name as argume...

require_once(), require(), include().What is difference between them?

require() includes and evaluates a specific file, while require_once() does that only if it has not been included before (on the same page). So, require_once() is recommended to us...

What is Wordpress Reading Setting?

Reading Setting is used to set the content related to the front page. Here you can set the number of posts to be displayed on the main page.
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