Benefits of Staying in Business Lodgings vs. Standard Hotels


Most new business travelers make the mistake of thinking that a business trip is the same as a leisure trip. It’s an understandable mistake. But it could end up costing the company money.

To get the best rates and be most productive during business travel, it’s best to be professional from the beginning. Start by booking the trip properly.

The most important thing about a trip is where you stay. Business lodgings are the way to go on a business trip. Here is why.

1. More Amenities

You shouldn’t have to worry about anything except work.

That requires a certain degree of comfort. If the bed isn’t to your liking, you won’t sleep well. It’s impossible to work well if you aren’t well-rested.

Maybe you need your daily workout to feel relaxed and work. Business lodgings are more likely to have a fitness center than regular hotels. Most even have pools and saunas.

Everyone’s needs are different while traveling. For group trips, it’s important that everyone has their own room and space.

A business hotel is better at accommodating a variety of needs.

2. Better Rates

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money.

But it’s always good to save money when you can. That starts with the booking. Hotels are usually the most expensive part of the trip.

Hotels don’t have to be expensive for business travelers. Using a booking service like Hotel Engine will save you lots of money. It will also save you the headache of dealing with mix-ups.

You can also use a booking service for a variety of trips. If you’re on a road trip for work, you might need to stay in a roadside motel for a night.

They can book that for you ahead of time so that you aren’t stuck. They can also make sure you get the best motels or cozy bed and breakfasts for great rates. Then they can book your luxury hotel when you get to your destination.

It will cost you some money to use a booking service. In the long run, it will end up saving you a lot of time and money. And as any good businessperson knows, time is money.

Saving money on your hotel allows you to splurge on other things. Maybe you can take your client out for an expensive dinner that seals the deal.

3. Higher Quality

Business hotels have higher standards than leisure hotels.

They know that business travel means a lot of money. They are constantly on the lookout for new customers.

Business customers are usually repeat customers. It’s important for hotels to build relationships with companies. This is particularly true of hotels in big cities or conference center hotels.

Even if you don’t return, you might pass on the hotel’s name to your friends and colleagues. Or your coworkers might stay there.

The hotels know that you might come back, so they will offer the best service.

4. Good Locations

You need to stay in a safe location.

It’s also important to stay somewhere with a lot of amenities. It’s nice to have restaurants and cafes nearby. Walking trails are also nice, too.

Of course, you don’t want to waste time traveling to your meetings. It’s good to have a hotel that’s close by or easily accessible.

To save money, use public transportation instead of taxis. Here is a list of the best apps for finding public transport from Geek Flare.

Look up the routes you’ll need to take before you leave. That will save you time once you get there. It will also make things less stressful.

5. Privacy

Privacy is important when conducting business.

Business hotels know this. That’s why they have private conference rooms and bigger suites for business travelers.

Not only is privacy important for business deals, but it’s important for employees, too. Business travelers are spending time away from their families. They need a place where they can make private phone calls.

And everyone needs a bit of time to themselves. A nice hotel room is the perfect place for a bit of privacy.


When traveling for business, you should always opt for a business hotel. They just have so much more to offer than a regular hotel.