Bollywood Celebrities and their Favourite Accessories


Everyone has one favourite accessory that defines their style. Whether it is a handbag or a phone cover, there is that one thing we all have that we obsess over. Even our favourite celebrities have their preferred accessories, which they are spotted carrying the most. Be it sunglasses, shoes, or bags there is one thing that almost every b-town celeb finds favouring. In today's Latest Movies Celebrity News in English, we have shortlisted some celebrities with their unique love for accessories.

1. Janhvi Kapoor’s SpongeBob bag

Janhvi Kapoor’s SpongeBob bag

Every now and then, Janhvi Kapoor has been spotted several times this year with her SpongeBob bag. Whether it is a lunch date or airport look, she has been caught in by the paparazzi with her favourite accessory in her hand. When it comes to slaying her fans with style, Boney Kapoor’s and Shridevi’s daughter is not behind any other celebrity. Not just her clothes, but her accessories like handbags and footwear are the new talk of the town.

2. Alia Bhatt’s Sky-high Heels

Alia Bhatt’s Sky-high Heels

It doesn’t matter how many clothes and accessories we have in our wardrobe; we all have that one thing we obsess over. Especially for modern girls having a perfect pair of heels that fit you or make you comfortable is like having a soulmate. Alia Bhatt has been seen wearing different shades of heels in the past few months. And mostly those sky-high heels, I think that her favourite. She has paired it with almost every outfit, dress, kurta, or even denim. She is one of those celebrities who have been in the limelight and on the Latest Movies Celebrity News in English the most. 

3. Ranveer Singh’s Boom Box

Ranveer Singh’s Boom Box

Ranveer Singh has been famous not only because of his acting skills but also because of his fashion statement. His style is unique and bold yet classy. Often spotted getting out of the gym or from the airport with a boom box in hand, it seems like this is one of Ranveer’s favourite accessory to carry around. You all won’t disagree if I say, it goes well with his style and personality.

4. Mira Rajput’s orange water bottle

Mira Rajput’s orange water bottle

Wife of Bollywood’s most versatile actor Mira Rajput is a fitness freak that is known to everyone. She had spotted plenty of times in her Activewear coming out from the gym with her favourite orange water bottle. Whenever she is in the city, she never misses a day at the gym and, of course, carrying her favourite orange bottle too. Besides, sometimes she has seen accompanying his husband or Janhvi Kapoor to the gym. Blowing everyone's mind with her stylish athleisure, she made her mark on the b-town.

5. Ananya Pandey’s Handbag

Ananya Pandey’s Handbag

Made her debut with one of the top directors and producer of the b-town, Ananya Pandey has something that makes her stand out from other star kids in the Bollywood industry. The thing that sets her apart is her sense of style and taste for handbags. We have seen her carrying stylish and unique handbags. Whether coming out of her place or from the airport, she has spotted with a classy white handbag, which seems to be her favourite accessories.

6. Sonakshi Sinha’s Sneakers

Sonakshi Sinha’s Sneakers

Footwear gives a hint about our personality. And our most stylish and famous actress Sonakshi Sinha is a sneakerhead. She loves to be in her comfort, wearing cool and comfortable sneakers. By spotting her several times in pictures coming from brunches, leaving home, and airport wearing different types and colour of sneakers. It seems like sneakers are her favourite thing to shop and flaunt, which makes her look even more stylish and sexy.

In Final Words

Bollywood celebs remain on page 3 of newspapers because of their fashion sense, style, and controversial lives. Many newspapers, tv channels, and magazines publish Latest Movies Celebrity News in English every now and then. Be it a vacation or casual outing, and you can spot these celebrities with one favourite thing which they love the most or feel it is lucky for them. They all know how to wear these accessories and make a bold statement.