Top 11 websites accepting blogs for SEO write for us niche


Here are the Top 11 websites accepting blogs for SEO write for us niche. This list may help you in submission of blogs for various topics. We just want to suggest you please follow their guidelines before submission.

1. Chhabra Solutions is 1st number site in the list of top 11 websites accepting blogs for SEO write for us niche. Chhabra Solution covers all the topics like tech, health, news, movies, etc. you can reach them at Check Tech Blogs Write For Us category for more information.

2. Sem Updates

Are you a digital marketer, wants to write for us? You are allowed to join the pool of excellent contributors at digital marketing blog! They are always searching for creative and innovative digital marketing bloggers to become our contributors.

To become a contributor at SEM Updates Digital Marketing Blogs, Their main goal to bring our audience a fresh perspective. To the submission of please fill the contact form.

3. SEO Shouts want to thank you for showing your Interest in Writing blogs for SEO Shouts! SEO Shouts is a community that loves to publish content that helps SEO seekers to Learn new Tips and Tricks for their online business. Email them at to get publish your blogs on their site.

4.  Mangloos 

Are you an SEO expert or freelance writer? Are you ready to publish on SEO blog? Check out their writing guidelines before you send the request to

5. EZ Rankings

Write for and be part of their growing community. They are looking for well-written, data-driven,  and interesting content that teaches their crowd.  

6. 99Tech Post always loves to welcome SEO content writers, bloggers,s and digital marketing experts to write for us as a guest author. It is a growing blog that keeps quality information about all categories the technology, digital marketing, SEO, Mobile app, and web design. So you can start to write for us to add your article to our technology and digital marketing blog. 

7. Business Glimpse here to cover all the topics like health, tech, business, news, and more. To get publish here please follow their guidelines and email them at and wait for 24 hours for their revert.

8. Seo-trench is glad that you are interested, they invite digital marketing experts to share their 2021 stories, opinions, and advice, with their audience. Please do not send any email to them without reading their guidelines. Seo Trench is on number 7th from the list of top 11 websites accepting blogs for SEO write for us niche

9. Droidowl

Thank you for turning your focus on becoming a guest author for After reading out the given write for us digital marketing guidelines, do send an email to with your guest post title for a fast turnaround.

10. Grass Desk is eagerly waiting for authors who are interested to tell their thoughts or experiences about technology, science, health, and more. You can email them at Also one thing they have Artificial Intelligence Write For Us Category for more blogs options.

11. Developer Gang is the 11th and the last website from the list of top 11  websites accepting blogs for SEO write for our niche. And they are interested in accepting all types of blogs submissions like tech, health, news, movies, relationships, and more. Please email them at You can also Hire Freelance Content Writer for writing any kind of blogs.

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