Best Tumblr spy app for Android

Tumblr over the years has the greatest fan following and millions of activating users. It has launched a couple of new features that is been much awaited for some time: messaging. The blogging instant messaging app has long offered inbox feature and a user can ask questions and now the messaging has added in terms of threads and messaging as well.

It is one of those social media apps that can be used on both cellphones of Android IOS gadgets and further on computer machines such as desktop and laptops MAC and Windows devices. Now user can create own blogs and can also use an instant messaging feature to communicate with the other users. Moreover, a user can share multimedia files such as photos, videos, images, and Gifs and further can share URLs and Links on Tumblr walls.

But since the last couple of year’s parents seem concerned about the children and teens activities on the Tumblr social media app. Parents may have heard about the inappropriate content, information about dangerous trends and about online predators. If parents are scared about children and they want to protect teens from the dark side of the social messaging app Tumblr. Then you need to install the Tumblr spy app on target android cellphones and gadgets.

How to get the Tumblr Spy app for android?

You cannot directly get your hands on the Tumblr spy app. Therefore, you need to subscribe to an android spy app. When you ended up with the subscription you will get credentials through the email sent to you.

Now get the physical access on your target mobile phone device and then install the mobile phone monitoring software. Once the installation process got completed then you need to activate it on the target android device of your teens and kids. Suddenly you will see a pop –up on the target android device screen.

It makes the user hide the phone spy software icon on the device and then activated it. It is the time to use the passcode ID that you have got at the moment you have got a subscription of a cell phone spy app. Then you will be able to get access to the online control panel of the android monitoring software. You can visit the Android surveillance tools including the Tumblr monitoring app. Let’s discuss all the features of the cell phone tracking app for Android.

Phone monitoring app for android features to spy on Tumblr

IM’s Social Media

An end-user can remotely get access to the target device and can get the logs of the Tumblr social media app. Parents can monitor Tumblr social messaging app logs such as direct messages and instant messages threads, shared multimedia such as photos, videos, Images, and Gifs. So, once parents have got the logs of all the activities to happen on the target device installed messenger including shared links and URLs on the Tumbler wall. Then parents can really keep an eye on children's activities.

Live Tumblr Screen recording

The user can perform short videos on the screen of the target android device running with the Tumblr instant messaging app. You can make short back to back videos of the screen and the recorded videos would be sent to the online control panel. Just get access to the web portal and you can view the live recorded videos about the activities of your target person on the social networking app Tumblr.


The user can monitor easily all the keystrokes applied on the target device installed instant messaging app Tumblr. The user can use a keylogger feature of the mobile phone tracking app for Android and get password keystrokes, messages keystrokes and password keystrokes. Parents can use these keystrokes and can get access to the account of the teens to know about their activities in order to protect them from all online dangers such as cyberbullying, stalking and many others.


You can remotely capture screenshots of the target android device using a monitoring app for Android. It empowers you to get remote screenshots and information about the Tumblr activities.


Android monitoring software for android is the powerful and worthy enough tool that allows the user to monitor the Tumblr instant messaging app to the fullest.