Best Kodi Addons for Cartoons & Anime

This post will provide you with an up-to-date list of some of the best Kodi addons for anime and animated content.

You’re never too old to watch cartoons! No matter whether you’re trying to entertain your kids or want to take a trip down memory lane, Kodi can act as a powerful ally.

With hundreds of add-ons, it’s no surprise that this at-home software has become so popular!

It’s important to highlight that our recommendations are legal, it’s good to remember that a lot of Kodi-related websites provide access to copyrighted content and illegal addons which can put you in a bad position.

Therefore, you should always be aware of the content you’re accessing and make sure that you’re always on the safe side.

The following recommendations have been tested to ensure we’re only providing high-quality options.

Here are the best addons for cartoons and anime for Kodi in 2020;

Japanese Animated Film Classics

The Japanese Animated Film Classics addon was a project that was started by the Film Centre at Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art.

Additionally, it comes with a range of classic works that are available digitally.

Japanese Animated Film Classics features free anime movies from some of the greatest artists over the last 100 years. This includes Seitaro Kitayama, Ikuo Oishi, Shigeji Ogino, and Junichi Kouchi!

There are more than 100 movies available for viewers to enjoy!

Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory is a hidden gem that has animated TV shows and moves for every member of your household!

There are plenty of TV shows and classic movies in addition to a great selection of newer titles!

Shout Factory TV promises to add 200 hours of programming each month with no monthly bills or subscriptions to worry about!

You can browse TV shows and movies to search for specific titles and the service offers original behind-the-scenes features as well as live streaming events.

Additionally, Shout Factory TV have deals with 20th Century Fox, MGM, NBC Universal, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

To summarise, Shout Factory TV is a popular addon that has proven itself to be one of the best Kodi addons for cartoons right now!

iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW provides several child-friendly types of content that are accessible through the ‘Categories’ folder on the main page of the addon.

There, you’ll find plenty of titles in the CBeebies and CBBC categories!

In addition to having access to a huge library of on-demand content, you will also get to watch more than a dozen different BBC-owned TV channels live.

The only obstacle to US streamers is that the content is only available in the UK, however, this is easy to overcome by using a VPN service.


YouTube is a great solution is you want something entertaining without spending money.

Aside from the range of original videos, movies, news, TV shows and other kinds of video content, it also comes with an almost endless amount of cartoons where you’ll find a variety ranging from old classics to what’s trending.

Without a doubt, YouTube is an essential Kodi addon that mimics all of the features that you’ll find online, and you can even sign into your account.

YouTube is available worldwide, except for a few restricted countries. To unblock everything, you can find plenty of great VPNs online!

South Park

South Park may not be the right choice for kids, but it is certainly entertaining for adults!

Since it’s one of the most popular cartoons of its kind, there are millions of fans who stream the entire series’ online.

This is a great addon for South Park fans because it brings every single episode from every season that’s been aired so far.

Plus, they’re always up to date and working. Since they’re more than 20 seasons, having all of the episodes in one place is a great achievement.

This is why we believe that South Park is one of the best adult-friendly Kodi addons in 2020.


SoggySandwich is a premium addon that’s similar to Crunchyroll but it provides free content!

SoggySandwich is the best cheap replacement for Crunchyroll because the contents are really similar and streaming is also available in HD.

SoggySandwich includes only two named categories namely Drama and Anime. Search is one of the best features present on this addon used for the overall search,

This Kodi addon one of the best to watch Anime and is available to download in the Ptom Repo repository!

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I hope that this post has helped you to find some new anime, helped you rediscover some old classics or allowed you to enrich your Kodi library with some new types of content!

Kodi is legal and safe to use, provided you are streaming content that’s available in the public domain.

To install a Kodi addon, you will need the source URL to install the Kodi repository that hosts the addon!

Happy streaming!

By Mike Roundtree.