Impact Your Audience with Video Editing Overlays


​​As the rise of online users increases, videos are quickly becoming the top form of content consumed by people online. However, as the demand for professional videos rises, so does the cost and time of producing and editing videos. The overall timeline of making videos is long and can be costly for those doing video editing at home and those working within companies. 

The best way to prevent this issue is to future-proof your video editing process and make the process easier. Video overlays are an easy and affordable way to future-proof your content with additions such as text, images and videos that can be added to the top layer of a video, making the updating process significantly easier and more streamlined.  

What’s a Video Overlay? 

A video overlay, also known as a picture-in-picture effect, is an editing tool commonly used to enhance a video by adding additional items that are customisable on top of a video. An overlay is an element that goes over the original video and can be things like a filter, title, image, video, clickable hotspot or text. 

Benefits of Video Overlays 

Video overlays are becoming an all-important part of the editing process and the sooner you incorporate them, the better your video production will be. 

Here are some of the benefits of video overlays:

  • Future proof your editing process by making it easy to change overlays regularly. 
  • Increase engagement by adding clickable elements.
  • Provide more context to an existing video.
  • Give your video the ability to be used for many purposes. 

Common Uses for Editing Overlays

As previously mentioned, overlays can be very useful, but if you’re still on the fence about how and when to use video overlays, here are the most common use cases: 

Expand on Video Content

Shorter videos have become all the rage recently. That being said, you may miss out on some important information with smaller videos. With video overlays, you can expand on a topic by adding additional multimedia such as recorded instructions or dynamic branching to help your users find another video on a topic. This means the user experience is increased for those wanting more information, without overwhelming the audience that doesn’t need too much information. 

Drive Action with Clickable Overlays

Clickable overlays, such as buttons, hotspots and images can drive action by giving the viewer a clear next step to undertake. Whether this is an image overlay of your brand logo, inviting people to your website, or a clickable hotspot to like or subscribe, clickable overlays make it easier to drive users through the sales funnel. The other great thing about clickable overlays is that they can help you learn more about your customers' interests based on what they interact with. 

Update Your Videos

Another fantastic benefit of a video overlay is that it can help you update your video. When something changes, you can just change the context by adding an overlay in your video. This saves time and money and can help you remain consistent with the message you’re trying to send. This service works really well if you want to update your training curriculum, tell people if something is out of stock or if an address has been changed. 

Get Free Video Overlays with Free Visuals

With Free Visuals, you can use a collection of free overlays for editing needs. These overlays are designed to help make your content seem as professional as possible. 

Some of the collections of Free Visuals have to include Film Grain, Lens Flare, Transitions, Sparkles, Floating Dollar Sign and other such stylistic changes. 

To use these film overlays you can either insert them through OBS for streaming and Twitch videos to music videos in post-production. These overlays can also be used in VJ and projection mapping. 

These versatile video overlays are the solution to your editing issues. Check them out at FreeVisuals.