ADSO has changed the world of vehicle transportation with its Shipping Services in Dubai.

Dubai is a large estate, highly populated with the largest economy and also a great travel rate in the country. Its geographical location helps aid its economy with a giant port, the largest airport in the country and a very well planned and comprehensive infrastructure of highways connecting it to the rest of the world.

Now, originally the Emirate’s local population was not so high and labour began to come and work for the local, but today this has developed the state into a place that is resided by many different ethnicities from around the world. Its amazing take on development, with huge buildings, luxury hotel and heavenly resorts and beaches has made it the most desired travel destination and now people travel to and from Dubai regularly for business and pleasure both.

With such a high rate of travellers, it should be known that a lot of goods come and go from Dubai just as regularly. However, the most awe-striking type of goods that is being transported every so regularly is vehicles.

People need to move their cars, motorbikes, vans, boats and even yachts, from and to Dubai frequently and to aid with this flow of traffic ADSO DXB has marked its name in the market by providing Shipping Services in Dubai.

This regular movement of vehicles is done for many reasons; from taking your car or boat along for a vacation, to moving away with it or even for getting your hands on the latest model by shipping it in.

RORO Shipping Services is a very convenient mode of transportation for most vehicles. A RORO ship is used for this service, which is short for a roll-on/ roll-off ship. These ships are built in such a way that they only accommodate vehicles.

They have built-in ramps that allow vehicles to be driven or rolled aboard and similarly off-board upon reaching the desired destination. The vehicles are securely parked in the ship and the employees have access to keys for this process.

It is advised that the vehicle should be in running condition to make the transition and that there are no valuables kept inside the car to avoid loss or theft. The vehicles aboard a RORO ship are kept undercover in the hull of the ship to keep them safe from external factors like weather.

This Roll-on/ Roll-off Shipping method is considered very economical as opposed to others.

The RORO shipping service available at ADSO is a very economical option for our clients as a shared ship by many vehicles allows the shipping costs to reduce overall affecting the price paid by the vehicles owners as well. RORO shipping is also cheaper than LOLO shipping which is meant for bigger vehicles that do not fit in the hull of the ship.

These vehicles require cranes at both destinations to lift them on and lift them off. This consequently increases costs for shipping agencies and the price being paid by clients as well.

At ADSO DXB we have a staff of expert and informed customer representative who is open to listen to our customers and help them choose the right shipping service for their vehicle. We also offer customs clearance services all across UAE because we value the needs and demands of our customers and so our representatives will help you see if the RORO shipping services suit your needs and the needs of your vehicle.

They are able to give unofficial quotes, go through legalities from paperwork to customs clearance and even insurance. ADSO DXB also offers to compliment packing and shipping services to go along with RORO shipping. Our customer representatives are available and work with determination to satisfy all the queries of the clients.

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