What Skills Will I Acquire With SAFe Scrum Master Training?


As enterprises find themselves with a higher number of teams working on multiple projects - with members often from across the globe joining to complete the taste, the companies are finding themselves in an ever-increasing need for SAFe Scrum Masters. The course is expressly designed to provide scaled Agile Frameworks of Scrums for enterprises across various departments divisions, etc. The SAFe scrum master training for professionals and employees provides them with the desired skills for scaling this framework. However, it is natural to wonder what skills exactly are being referred to here. The answer is discussed here.

Skills Learned During SAFe Scrum Master Training

The two-day training for Scrum in SAFe will help one master the following:

  • A better understanding of how to introduce Scrum in the SAFe network

The methods and techniques, including the Scrum network, need to be properly understood before one become a SAFe Scrum Master. One crucial concept, for example on which scrum frameworks are developed, is ‘Sprint’. It is a goal or task that must be accomplished by a particular team within a preset period - normally no more than a month. A project may be divided into several sprints. There is also a provision for a daily scrum for observing both progress and impediments along the way.

  • Program increment planning

Increments are the reasonable goals toward which a sprint is targeted. A SAFe scrum master must have a proper understanding of how to plan and implement the incremental developments of programs and projects. The training for the SAFe scrum master tries to acquaint professionals with the same.

  • Pursuing continuous self-improvement

The certification of SAFe scrum master is only valid for one year and for good reasons - one can easily renew the certification by acquiring SEUs or Scrum Educational UNits - credits that can be earned by benefiting from various Scrum educational events. Thus, a SAFe scrum master must always be continuously pursuing self-improvement, The seeds of desire to do the same are planted during the SAFe scrum master training itself.

  • Scaling operating while maintaining efficiency and agility

The status reason why enterprises implement SAFe Scrum their enterprises is to retain or even increase productivity, agility, and efficiency while scaling in the company. That requires SAFe scrum masters who are not themselves skilled and up to the purpose but can also coach teams for the purpose. That along with various methodologies and techniques is learned in SAFe scrum master training.

The Bottom Line

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of skills that can be learned in the SAFe scrum master training - however, the above list should give one a general idea of why it is imperative. These skills will do wonders to increase the employability of professionals and help them command better salaries. From the perspective of enterprises, SAFe scrum master certification from SAFe Inc has helped enterprises across hundreds of companies to bring significant improvements in their operations even as they increase the scale of their operations. Now there are many options available for you to learn SAFe Scrum Master, like online classes. Technology and the developments made in it have presented humanity with more benefits than they could count. You can easily access a vast database of information and avail yourself with more information than you possibly need with emerging technologies.