A Smart Watch with Good Experience


Compared with traditional watches, smart watches are better. It can realize more functions. The group buying smart watches is expanding. This article will tell you about what a smart watch with good experience looks like.
As a smart watch, HONOR MagicWatch has many bright spots worth paying attention to. It is in terms of function.

In terms of human-computer interaction, this watch has two physical keys. The button in the upper right corner can open the menu of the watch. The key in the lower right corner can lead to the exercise interface.

Users can slide on the screen. Press the dial for a long time to switch the dial style. Sliding down can set up functions such as Do Not Disturb mode and finding a mobile phone. Sliding up can open the information notification interface. It is convenient to check information, telephone, and other messages.

Left slide and right slide show real-time heart rate curve, pressure index, weather, and daily activity monitoring.

As for the most important sports function of smart watches, HONOR MagicWatch has 9 sports modes in sub-sectors. It includes walking, running, indoor running, cycling, swimming pool, open waters, and so on. The recording function is extensive. It includes speed, pace, climbing and descending height, total distance, exercise time, heart rate, etc. All of these can be viewed on the "Sports Health" APP.

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Thanks to the new GPS + Beidou + GLONASS triple positioning system, HONOR MagicWatch's positioning data function has considerable advantages. The whole positioning process is fast and accurate. There is no phenomenon of positioning drift.
During the running process, HONOR MagicWatch will record the heart rate, calories, distance, and other important data in real-time.

A Smart Watch with Good Experience

You can set a heart rate ceiling warning on APP. If this warning is exceeded, the watch will issue a warning. This can reduce the problem of physical discomfort caused by excessive exercise.

In terms of heart rate monitoring, it adopts a new TruSeen 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology. This technology is based on CPC technology. It is developed by CDB Center of Harvard Medical School. CPC technology itself has passed FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) certification. This is a technology that has been recognized and promoted in the medical field.

Thanks to the PPG module design, HONOR MagicWatch can obtain accurate heart rate data with lower power consumption. It provides a sufficient guarantee for the watch. This is to provide real-time heart rate monitoring function 24 hours a day.

In addition to its athletic functions, it is rich in other functions. For example, the innovative Trusleep scientific sleep detection function can monitor sleep quality. Through the analysis of human heart rate, combined with wrist movements, it can give you accurate sleep time detection and sleep structure analysis (deep sleep, light sleep, REM/sleep stage identification). It is to provide users with sleep quality scores.

The appearance design is in line with the aesthetics of young people. In all aspects of the experience is surprising. Among the products of the same grade, HONOR's smart watch is commendable. Another good thing to tell you is that this Watch for sale in the UK. Please choose a suitable smart watch for yourself.