6 Mouthwatering Keto Dishes to Prepare for the Holidays

Suppose you are one of the people who find that a keto diet is effective, you probably know how crucial it is to follow the diet closely, so you stay in ketosis. Unfortunately, the coming Christmas season can make sticking to your diet challenging.

As a faithful disciple of keto, what are you to do? Prepare your feast with mouthwatering options. It helps you eliminate keto sabotaging carbs. You can cook keto-friendly dishes from appetizers to mains and vegetable side dishes. Portals like keto food online nz helps you buy keto ingredients from trusted and quality brands. 

Keto diet is especially beneficial for New Zealanders, where disorders like obesity is a problem. Thirty per cent of New Zealanders are obese, that is one in three adults aged 15 and over. The top three causes of death in New Zealand are cancer, heart attack, and stroke, which all can be mitigated by staying within a healthy weight. 

Enjoy a New Zealand Christmas dinner with a keto twist. By itself, traditional protein-rich Christmas dishes in New Zealand are a great base for a keto feast. Classics include roast beef turkey, salads, and roast vegetables. Tweak these recipes and exclude carbs and other forbidden ingredients in a keto diet.

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Avocado salad with a sprinkling of fennel

Have a bright and hearty holiday meal by having a bowl of cool and refreshing salad. Enjoy the blend of varying textures of crunchy fennel creamy avocado and spicy red onion infused with the zing of fresh lemon juice. Top everything with the richness of olive oil to create a nutritious salad. The fresh flavours of fennel are an excellent side for juicy roasted meats such as goose and pork.

Roasted pork loin with garlic and herbs

Coat meaty pork loin with chopped garlic and fresh herbs. Prepare this meal hours before dinnertime and let it rest for several minutes before slicing to ensure the moisture is locked in the meat. Choose aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, and thyme, which are all holiday-appropriate.

Turkey breasts grilled and stuffed with goat cheese, bacon, and mushroom

Stuff turkey breasts with mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese. Infuse it with the nutty taste of sunflower seeds. Grill everything and you are sure to end up with something superior to the average turkey dinner. This huge stuffed breast will satisfy a small crowd. As a bonus, there is zero wheat and starch on your plate. You may also add chopped rosemary and thyme to the stuffing for a richer holiday flavour.

Appetizing buttered creamy spinach

This rich vegetable dish is ideal as a side for beef chicken, lamb, and duck. It is quick and effortless to prepare. This recipe has no flour making it a creamy but zero-carb option. Toss a handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese to add a layer of flavour. Make sure everything in your dish is keto safe by purchasing ingredients from keto food online nz. 

Guacamole deviled eggs

Eggs and avocado create a high-protein and good fat combination. Infuse this dish with a punch of flavour from cilantro, garlic, and lime juice. Prepare this appetizer ahead of time. You can store it in the fridge and take it out before Christmas dinner to whet the appetite of everyone.

Roast goose

Hark back to a Victorian-era Charles Dickens classic. Why not prepare a roast goose? Brine this bird overnight, including the sugar. Roast it slowly for maximum juiciness. Roasted goose will be an impressive centrepiece to your holiday table.


It is crucial to be rigid with your keto diet even on holidays where everyone can overindulge. Even tiny amounts of carbs can cause your ketosis to spiral out of control. However, sticking to a keto diet doesn’t mean depriving yourself. Protein-rich dishes are immensely satisfying, which helps you steer clear from forbidden foods during the holidays.

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