5 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Hiking Trip


Escaping into nature is a brilliant way to clear your mind and relax. Even if you’re someone who prefers city life to a countryside retreat, taking a time-out once in a while will be hugely beneficial. Another great part of escaping into nature is taking a hike, whether you’re roaming through a forest, climbing a mountainside, or walking along a rugged coastline.

While it’s a great way to see nature up close and to get some exercise, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for your hike, especially if you’re planning on walking a challenging, remote trail. Below are five basic tips to help you prepare for your next hiking trip.

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Every weary traveler needs to rest their head come sundown, and if you’re going on a long hike, you will be yearning for your bed by the end of the day! There are plenty of camping grounds, motels, and B&Bs close by to popular trails in national parks and other areas. You may even be lucky enough to find a beautiful spa hotel to go back to and have a nice long soak in the Jacuzzi if you still want to add some luxury to your trip. Whatever you decide, make sure your accommodation choice has information about your surrounding area, and book in advance to avoid disappointment, particularly if your visiting during peak months.

Get the Right Clothing

If you’re someone who is used to going on hikes, you probably already have a closet full of appropriate clothing, but if this is your first adventure in the hills, you will need to purchase the right attire. Quality hiking boots are a must, as walking over uneven terrain or muddy patches will require the right support for your feet and great grip.

If you’re hiking in the summer, light-weight and breathable clothing are best, and in winter, make sure you’re taking layers and a good waterproof coat. You can get all the clothes you need and more at a discounted price with these Lands End coupon codes.


While you will need quality hiking clothing, don’t forget to pack maps, compasses, GPS, and other camping equipment you might need if you don’t want to stay at a hotel. Even if you’re doing a simple trail, it can be easy to get lost, so having a GPS and maps will be hugely beneficial in finding your way back to where you’re staying or finding other landmarks or check-points to help you get your bearings.


Make sure you pack snacks for when you’re on the hike. Sandwiches are great for lunch, but fruit and nuts will help give you that burst of energy when you need it, or you can buy energy bars that have been made with this activity in mind. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you, too!

Stay in Touch

You might be going on your trip to get away from it all, but make sure at least one person has a way of contacting you, especially if you’re traveling solo. Although it’s unlikely, there is still a chance of you getting lost out on the trails or there being some other emergency while you’re away, so having someone know where you are and how to contact you is important, no matter what kind of trip you’re on.

Make sure you get the most out of your hiking trip by following these five basic tips.