5 Reasons to Shift to a Magnetic Charger


Have you been experiencing the everyday burden of plugging and unplugging phone chargers? An innovative solution is now available in the market – a military-grade magnetic charger that has helped thousands of users live through a busy day. Employees, mothers, freelancers, artists, content creators, students, among others, find benefits of using this type of charger that significantly changed the way they moved, worked, and lived. 

Learn the top five reasons why they made the shift to using magnetic chargers.


Magnetic chargers allow you to easily connect the cord to your phone. When driving, resting, working, or doing any other task, the convenience of magnetic charging is imminent. You only have to place the cable and the device near each other, and the two instantly latch onto each other. To a certain extent, this innovation increases safety, as in the case of driving.

The magnets, once attached, stay connected and do not get easily affected by slight movements. They are perfect for travelling or working in shared spaces where you need to move around constantly. 

Faster Charging

Magnetic chargers perform faster than wireless chargers. On average, its efficiency is 25% higher than ordinary chargers. If you are in a rush or transit, this quick charging is truly a gem. Users observe the same efficiency even when charging phones through a laptop. It can absorb higher power, resulting in faster charging.

Long-lasting Use

A magnetic charger uses military-grade material and features PBV braiding and strain-relief collars. It is, therefore, more durable than ordinary chargers. Also, the design of these chargers does not lead to frequent twisting, pulling, and bending. With less tugging, especially while moving, your magnetic charging cables last long.

Durability even equates to higher savings, as you do not need to buy cable replacements every so often. And you help reduce electronic waste that sometimes gets washed off to bodies of water and consumed by animals. 


Have you tried charging your gadgets using cables with exposed parts? While the scenario is not ideal, it happens when you are yet to purchase your charging cable replacement. Broken cables, although still functional, are unsafe to use. They can cause skin burns, mild electrocution, or fire. A magnetic charger prevents constant tugging, so you are less likely to end up using broken cables.

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Magnetic charging cables usually fit all devices (e.g., mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.) and brands (e.g., Android, iPhone, etc.), provided that they use the same type of USB port. Fortunately, a magnetic charger is also available in different USB types. You can choose designs that allow you to have USB type A to C in one cord. Or you can buy a converter if your gadgets require different types of USB.

You can even use your magnetic charging cables to transfer data from one gadget to another. Now, you can conveniently transfer photos from your phone to your laptop without having to worry about sudden movements that cause wear and tear. Magnetic charging redefines the future of mobile technology, bringing a host of advantages compared to ordinary chargers, as a result of research and innovation. If you are one of the millions of people pained by the frequent need to replace or repair phone chargers, it is high time to shift to magnetic chargers.