5 Can't-Miss Commercial Photography Tips


Commercial and product photography is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. And, if you want to begin your career as a professional photographer, it would be great to choose a commercial photography profession.

As it stands, capturing commercial images is the best way to earn a good amount of money. Commercial photography in Bristol is not limited to a single niche; it includes a wide range of photography genres.

Fashion photography, product photography, food photography, corporate headshots, and commercial architectural photography are common commercial photography shoots. Its goal is to present the subject in the most accurate and fascinating way.

The commercial images are used in various print media like magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, and also in digital platforms, such as websites, social media platforms, etc. According to aficionados, appealing images are the backbone of the e-commerce business.

The overall performance of an online business depends on the quality of the images. This article will discuss some tips that will help you refine you to become a commercial and product photography pro. But before we proceed, let us have a glimpse of different types of commercial photography.

Types Of Commercial Photography

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is about highlighting the products and services of an organization. It is also known as promotional photography and is widely used by retailers and wholesalers to promote their products.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography means capturing the object from height with the means of a drone or another flying object. This type of commercial photography is used to engage consumers and communicate thoroughly about the product and services. Aerial photography is commonly used by hotel and real estate businesses for branding and marketing purposes.

Product Photography

Product photography is about showcasing the product in an attractive and enchanting way. This will help grab the audience's attention and help the business stand among the competitors.

Food Photography

It's a kind of still life photography whose goal is to represent the food most beautifully. Food photography is a great way to increase the sales of restaurants and food corners.

Event Photography

It is the practice of photographing the organization's major events, such as the launch of the product, the recruitment of high officials, etc.

5 Can't-Miss Commercial Photography Tips

Get Your Lighting Right

The light is of uttermost importance when it comes to commercial photography. It is responsible for the extent of the crispiness and softness of the picture. It also decides the tone, mood, and atmosphere of the image. Although natural lighting is the best for every type of photography, sometimes it is essential to use artificial light sources for indoor photoshoots. Therefore, it is vital to use appropriate artificial lighting to get the best commercial photographs.

Keep Your Gear Up To Date

Many photography experts say that the quality of photography depends on the photographer's skills, not on the gear. However, it's quite different in the case of commercial photography. Being a savvy product or commercial photographer, you need to keep your camera gear up to date. The old or outdated equipment and accessories can stymie you from capturing stunning images.
The current market demands for more intense and cosine images won't be possible without hi-tech gear. Hence, it is necessary to have a high megapixel camera and high-quality camera lenses to succeed in the commercial photography business in Bristol.

Use Your Creativity

Besides having the best cameras and accessories, it is also paramount to use innate creativity to get alluring images. It is good to get the idea from other photographs, but don't try to copy other photographers' styles. To survive in the photography business for a long time, you need to develop your personal style and methodology. For this, you have to cognize your unique vision by experimenting with your photography skills.

Use Simple Props

The props are used to add curb appeal to the image and to add meaning to the subject. It is widely used in conceptual photography. But it is important to note that the overuse of props in the image can deter the focus from the main subject. Therefore, it is vital to use simple props, which align with the image's color scheme. If you want to pursue your career in commercial or product photography, then the above tips can help you refine your skills.

Take Shots From Various Angles

Don't stick to the single angle; to capture every detail of the subject, you have to click its photograph from every angle. It will also help you in the editing process.

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In Final Words

Commercial photography is one of the better-paid streams of all the photography genres. The commercial photographer can make good earnings by photographing images for particular organizations or selling the stock images online.