Benefits of using Bing Ads


The Internet has become an important need of today. And the search engine is the best medium to search for anything and to reach your target audience for advertisements.  When we talk about search engine only one dominant search engine comes in our mind is Google.

However, Microsoft-owned search engine, Bing also provides you a different chance to gain traffic from the different diaspora of peoples. Bing also has a big number of users in the world, neglecting Bing will halt your progress to reach your target audience. Then you won’t be able to complete your Ad goals.

So, what are some amazing benefits of using bing-

  • Cost- According to your budget, using Bing for ads is beneficial than Google-ads. The reason it is best because it’s cheaper CPC (cost-per-click), so if you have a tight budget then Bing is the solution for you.
  • Less competition- Generally, Bing has less competition on its keywords. This means you are paying low to target your audience and generating profitable money and gives you a big opportunity to highlight your Ads.
  • Better device targeting- The biggest advantage of Bing is device targeting. Bing allows you to target consumers based on the device they are using and OS they have installed. Other search engines won’t help you with that. To get this amazing bing ad for advertising your website you can bing ads coupon
  • Target Audience- Microsoft Bing’s audience is different from other search engines. Bing’s performance in reaching people is impressive and reachable. The Analysis capability of Bing helps you to reach specific peoples according to your Ads intention.
  • More clicks- Due to the recent improvement Bing has managed to get some more clicks. And grew its share to 19.7% from last year. As time is passing we have seen improvement in Bing search query and the datacenter.
  • Campaigns in different timezones- While creating ads you need to set your ad scheduling, location, and language. But that is not the issue with Bing, it doesn’t force you to change time your Ad variation setting.
  • Allow mistake during searches- The majority of peoples make mistakes while internet searching. Google used to allow close variant or matching option even after spelling error and grammatical mistakes. Now Google does not do the same but still, Bing allows this option for matching ad group and campaign level.
  • More search engine access-  When you advertise on Bing, your Ads appear on Yahoo and AOI too.  The Benefits of Bing are multi-advanced with these other search engines. By reaching out to Yahoo and AOI you are gonna target those audiences who do not use Google.
  • Easy to use with Google Ads- If you are already using Google ads and want to attach Google Ads with Bing Ads. So you can easily ramp things up, Automated imports help you to synchronize Google with Microsoft ads. 
  • Amazing Social extension- Bing social extension helps you to increase paid search and targets users on search engines and social media. Social media is a place where engagement and conversion happen at the same time. 

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How much does Bing advertising cost?

Well, it depends on the keywords you want on your ads and how much you want to spend. Every keyword costs you under 10$ or more, depending on your industry. Different industries and different prices for keywords. For example, the lawyer was the most expensive keyword in 2015 on Bing.  Even with its high price rate for keywords, Bing is still cheaper than Google. 

Is Bing Ad cheaper than AdWords?

Where Bings lack in volume and reach. Although the amount fluctuates every time by the advertisers. And a study has found that Bing spent only 25-35% less on its Ad-campaign. Well, it is quite explainable because Bing has fewer competitors for bidding. So clicks are cheaper 

That’s why clicks are 70% cheaper than Adwords.

Some more Benefits of Bing Ads.-

Benefits of Bing Ads for small business 

  • Display your Ads in your area, when someone searches your service.
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your Ads.
  • Save time and money by controlling all Ads customization policy
  • Get advice personally by one on one with Microsoft Ads experts.

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