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Whether you are a startup or an established company, hiring the right app developer is one of the most important skills that you need to master. A job description is the first step in hiring an app developer. If you are looking for someone to design and develop your mobile app, then you must provide potential candidates with a clear idea of what the role entails. This way, they will better understand if they are interested in applying or not.

However, this can be challenging since there are so many different types of apps out there and each one requires its unique skill set. No matter, you want a job description for iOS developer or a job description for an android developer, you must choose the right words to attract candidates. To help guide you through how to write a job description for an app developer, we have compiled some tips below.

What is a Job Description?

A job description is a document that describes the roles and responsibilities of an individual position in an organization. A job description can also include qualifications, skills, and duties required for the role. Job descriptions are important because they provide a framework for both applicants and hiring managers to evaluate whether or not they will be able to fulfill certain requirements for the given role.

Writing Job Description for an App Developer

Following are a few guidelines to write a job description for an app developer:

Describe the Type of App You Want to Develop

The first thing to do is decide what type of app you want the developer to build. Are you looking for an app that will run on Android or iOS devices? Or are you planning to develop a web-based application? Also mention whether you want a native app or a hybrid app.

Mentioning the type of app in the job description will help the developer decide if he or she would be interested in applying for this role or not. It will save a lot of time as well as effort if you mention the type of app in the job description.

Competence with Programming Languages and Tools

After describing the type of app you want to develop, it is time to mention the expertise required by a potential applicant in a particular programming language or tools. Nowadays, most applications are built using either app development platforms and languages such as Javascript, Swift, or Kotlin. So, one can simply describe that they require knowledge about these programming languages along with proficiency in UI designing tools like Sketch and Photoshop.

For example, if you are writing a job description for a Javascript developer, you should mention that the app developer must have expertise in Javascript and related tools.

Analytical and Problem Solving Capability

An app developer not only requires coding expertise but also should be able to solve complex problems and should be an analytical thinker. While writing an app developer job description, make sure you emphasize the role of a problem solver. Problem-solving ability is required to solve any kind of issues or bugs that come up during the testing phase.

They must have skills like critical thinking, good decision-making ability, and time management skills. It is often seen that developers work night hours to fix problems faced on the go which may not be sustainable in the long term especially if you are looking forward to hiring a full-time employee.

Working Experience you Want from App Developer

You should mention the working experience in a job description. What kind of experience do you want from an app developer that is going to work on your project? Mentioning the required experience in the job description can help you get the app developers that can work better and efficiently on your app development project.

For example, if you want a freelancer for your app development project who has worked on the same technology before and knows how to use it in real-time projects then mention this experience requirement in the job description of an app developer. You can ask for expertise about specific technologies or tools, but if there are no prerequisites then it’s okay.

Responsibilities of App Developer

The responsibilities of mobile application development include designing, coding, testing, and debugging apps. A good job description should also include the required skills such as communication skills so that you can find out whether your future app developers have the necessary interpersonal skills or not.

This will help in deciding if you want them on-boarded or not. When it comes to getting hired, every employer wants employees who are skilled enough and exhibit excellent work ethic at all times. While there may be some exceptions when specific jobs require only short-term workers, in most cases, employers always look for people with positive attitudes who can contribute positively towards overall organizational goals.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills are extremely important when it comes to technical jobs that require working closely with clients or other team members. Mobile app developers should have great written and oral communication skills so that they can effectively convey their thoughts. Since most of these candidates will be responsible for delivering presentations to potential customers, they need not only strong verbal skills but also presentation skills as well.

If your job description asks them to work on projects independently without any supervision from a project manager or senior developers, then make sure you hire an app developer that has good writing abilities because this is where many programmers fail miserably.

Get Help from App Developer Job Description Templates

Job description templates are one of the best ways to write a job description that can help you hire an app developer quickly. Various app developer job description templates on the internet can help you write the required job description in a short time.

Job description templates can help you write down your requirements clearly and concisely without getting too verbose or complicated making it easy for job seekers to understand what is required from them. The best part about using app developer job description templates is that they are free, readily available on the internet, and also easily customizable according to your needs.

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